4.4 Update Patch Notes

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Team Suggestion + Sharing

Whether it’s the helpful player who enjoys sharing their teams, the curious player who wants to try another player’s team, or a new player just getting into team building; we have implemented a new system to support you all, Team Suggestion + Sharing.

In the Troop Menu (whether accessed from World Map or from the Pre-Battle screen), players will see the Rename Team button has been changed to Manage Team. Tapping on it will open a popup menu with the following options:

  • Rename Team
  • Suggest a Team
  • Copy to Global Chat
  • Copy to Guild Chat
  • Paste Team


  • The game will look at player’s troops and suggest 3 potential teams for the player to choose from to suit their playstyle.

  • Team suggestions will include 4 Troops and a Banner whose color supports the team.

  • If players don’t see a team that appeals to them, they will be able to refresh the suggestions and get 3 more suggestions. (There is no cost to refreshing team suggestions).

  • Team suggestions are based on multiple different team patterns, and the team’s name will reflect what style they are (e.g. Balanced, Glass Cannon, Disruptive, Deceptive).

  • Troops have been given Roles (more on that below), which reflect how the troop plays, e.g. Mana Generator, Assassin, Support, Defender. These roles are taken into consideration so each team will be able to work together.

  • Suggest-a-Team will work with any Event that may have a restriction for troops (such as Raid Boss, Invasion or Class Trial).

  • Players can use suggest-a-team for teams that are partially filled (for example, you may want to build a team around a certain troop), or it may be used on a full team to suggest an entirely new 4 troops.

  • Once selected, the player can paste the suggested team into the team slot and make any further modifications they would like.

  • Suggest-a-Team does not often suggest Hero Weapons at this time. Because Hero builds are so diverse, if you would like a Hero in your team, we suggest placing him there via the weapon, and THEN using Suggest-a-Team.

  • While teams suggested this way will never be as good as teams finely-crafted by human players, they make a good starting point, if you’re a bit stuck on what troops to add.

Copy to Global/ Guild Chat

  • From the Manage Team popup menu, players can copy their existing teams into either Global Chat or their Guild Chat to share with other players.

  • Hero Classes can be copied along with the Troops, Weapons and Banners for the team (along with that Class’ Talent set up too).

  • Shared teams will display in Chat with the team Banner, Mana Colors for the Troops/ Weapons, as well as listing any Champion Talents for an attached Class.

  • Classes without a Champion Talent set up will just display ‘Any’ meaning that any talent can be good for the Class.

  • Players who don’t own all the Troops in a shared team, will view the Troops they don’t own with a locked symbol. If they do choose to copy the team, they will only be able to create a team of Troops, Banners, Weapons, Champion Talents, that they do own.

  • Players can still view a players profile from team share messages by interacting with their portrait (or using the usual X / Square buttons on controllers).

Paste Team

  • Interacting with (i.e. clicking on, tapping on, or selecting with a gamepad) a shared team in Global/ Guild chat will copy that team to your clipboard, which players can then paste into a team slot by selecting Paste Team from the Manage Team pop up menu.

  • Team slots with existing teams set up will also display a string of text, called the Team Share Code. This code can be copied by interacting with it, then shared into other programs outside of Gems of War (like a Guild’s discord channel).

  • Other players can take a Team Share Code, use Paste Team to paste the code, and copy the team that way.

  • Pasting a team will replace any existing team that may already be that team slot.

Adventure Board

In the current game we had 2 competing systems – Daily Tasks, first introduced on the console version, where players could complete various actions and earn lots of small rewards; and Weekly Tasks (Snotstones for you veterans out there) where players would repeat a single action for a week to earn points and collect rewards. As the game has grown, we’ve noticed some issues with these 2 systems: Daily Tasks were fiddly to complete and their rewards weren’t as good when compared to other areas of the game; while Weekly Tasks were not very visible, and often not a lot of fun. We have decided to remove both systems, and replace them with the Adventure Board, which should help fix their shortcomings while distributing the rewards in a better way (note that the new system distributes exactly the same Gem-Value in rewards as the old system).

  • The Adventure Board can be found on the World Map in the same space previously used by Daily Tasks.

Players will have 2 types of tasks they can complete:

  • Daily Kills – For players over level 150, this task can be completed during regular gameplay. It mostly consists of a Kill-Count for Enemies or Enemies of a specified color. For players under level 150, see the Adventure Path below.
  • Adventures – Each Adventure is a series of 3-4 battles of increasing difficulty that give rewards based around a reward theme. (E.g. The Search for Keys will give a Key reward for completing each battle).

After Daily Kills is completed, it will restart at the next Daily Reset (note that if it is incomplete at daily reset, it does NOT reset back to zero)

  • Three new Adventures are available every day and will change after 24hr regardless of if the player has completed all the battles in them or not.

  • For players under level 150, the Adventure Path replaces the Daily Kills. Objectives in the Adventure Path are similar to the old Daily Tasks that helped players learn about the game, but they have received a complete overhaul in their order and rewards. Once the ‘Reach Level 150’ task is completed here, they are replaced by the Daily Kills.

  • Players who were still in the middle of completing the Daily Tasks that help teach the game, will be transitioned over to the Adventure Path that is relevant to their current progress in the game.

  • When players switch over to Version 4.4, they will be mailed the rewards from all tasks that they currently had acquired, whether they had been completed or not.

  • The “I’m Not Scared of the Boogeyman” achievement has been updated to work with the new Adventure Board.

Epic Fights

Epic Fights are means for players to spend more Event Sigils to gain a buff to their Skill Points for the battle. For veterans and levels 1000+, these aren’t something you will need to use very often, but for low level players trying to help their guild in tougher events, they are useful.

  • On the Pre-Battle menu, players will notice a new box under the event shield displaying the type of battle (which affects Skill point bonus + Sigil cost). Interacting with this box will open up a pop up menu with all the different Skill Points and their additional Sigil costs.

The types of battle and their additional Sigil cost + Skill point buff is as follows:

  • Normal Battle: +0% Skill Points, added cost +0 Sigils (this is the default type and regular battle everyone will know)
  • Epic Battle: +50% Skill Points, added cost +1 Sigils
  • Legendary Battle: +100% Skill Points, added cost +2 Sigils
  • Mythical Battle: +200% Skills Points, added cost +4 Sigils

  • Skill point buff will apply to all Ally troops.

  • When playing an event in 4.4, all players will get to try out an Epic Fight for free the first time. After that using an Epic Battle or higher will cost additional Sigils per battle.

Troop Roles
  • Every Troop has been assigned a Role, which matches their usual role within a team.

  • Roles are displayed as icons next to the Troop’s troop type.

The 9 basic roles are:

  • Defender: Frontline tank – great at mitigating Skull damage
  • Warrior: Tough frontliner or off-tank, with damage capability
  • Warmaster: Buffs/ summons allies for Attack or creates Skulls
  • Striker: Heavy damage dealer, mostly single-target
  • Assassin: Can often one-shot an Enemy
  • Mage: Deals large amounts of area damage
  • Generator: Generates Mana (either generally or of a specified color)
  • Support: Buffs Allies in a defensive fashion
  • Warlock: Debuff one or more Enemies

Troops can only have a single Role, which represents a Troop’s most common purpose in the game. E.g. Gorgotha is both a good frontline Troop and Mana Generator. His primary purpose is as frontline troop though, so he is classified as a Defender.

Daily Login Menu

The Daily Login Menu has been reworked to include all the various rewards players receive from their daily login in one single screen (so less clicking and tapping).

Daily login rewards displayed on this menu are:

  • 7-Day Login Rewards
  • Monthly Login Rewards
  • Honor Daily Rewards
  • New Player Rewards (if applicable)
  • Returning Player Rewards (if applicable)
  • Special Event Rewards (if applicable)
  • PVP Tier Rewards
  • Guild Daily Seals
  • Faction Ingots
  • Daily VIP Rewards

  • Daily Rewards are still sent via the mail for the player to collect.

  • New Player, Returning Player, and Special Event login rewards only display when necessary, and if more than 1 is active they will rotate between each other in the same spot on the screen.

  • Menus background and troop displayed will continue to be tied to the Weekly Event. However, the Weekly Event name and remaining time is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

  • Pop up for 7-Day and Monthly login rewards that previously appeared after the old daily login screens, has been removed, as the information displayed there is now in the daily login screen.

  • Players are still able to access the calendar menu if they wish to preview their upcoming 7-Day or monthly rewards.

Flash Offer Calendar
  • We’ve added in support to create a calendar of Flash Offers. These Flash Offer calendars will usually have a theme or be related to a special event. Our first one will be coming for Week of the Shark!

  • Each day will present a new offer for players to look at. Once the day has ended, that offer will no longer be available and a new one will replace it (until the calendar ends).

  • You do not need to have purchased any previous rewards to buy the current one.

  • Some offers may give rewards for free or for a Gem cost instead real money.

Chest Drop

Due to some instances of confusion over the past few months about drop rates of various troop rarities in chests (based on incorrect data acquired from the game by 3rd-party programs), we have decided to make the actual Drop Rates visible to everyone.

  • All chests menus now include a help button that will bring up the drop rates for items within that chest.

  • Please note that a drop rate of 1% does NOT mean if you open 100 chests you will get that thing – it’s not how probability works. It means there is an independent 1% chance on each chest-opening of acquiring that thing.

  • If you ignore the last dot point and write to our support team about it, Kafka will find out where you live and hurt you. Don’t make her do that.

  • Disclaimer: Of course, we’re just kidding about that last bit. The Gems of War Devs don’t condone non-gem-related violence of any kind, even against people who don’t understand probability.
  • Daily Rewards are still sent via the mail for the player to collect.

  • New Player, Returning Player, and Special Event login rewards only display when necessary, and if more than 1 is active they will rotate between each other in the same spot on the screen.

  • Menus background and troop displayed will continue to be tied to the Weekly Event. However, the Weekly Event name and remaining time is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

  • Pop up for 7-Day and Monthly login rewards that previously appeared after the old daily login screens, has been removed, as the information displayed there is now in the daily login screen.

  • Players are still able to access the calendar menu if they wish to preview their upcoming 7-Day or monthly rewards.

Balance Changes

Omen Traits

These traits will now give mana to the correct team at the start of battle. They will also no longer cause 4+ Gem matches to give an extra turn at the start of battle.


Queen’s Grace legendary Trait now give 2 Attack and Life to all Daemons at the start of my turn.

Anu’s Sceptre

Spell can now target Blue Gems

Champion of Anu

Base spell damage increased from 4 to 6


Boost Ratio increased from 3:1 to 2:1


Now also gains Magic at levels 18 and 19


Base spell damage increased from 1 to 2

Boost Ratio increased from x2 to x3


Base spell Life gain increased from 1 to 5

Ice Troll

Mana cost reduced from 13 to 12


Base spell damage increased from 3 to 5

  • Boost ratios will now display the actual boost amount in a puzzle battle (where applicable).

  • Info tab for Hero Classes now been updated to be clear over the Troop Type the class gives.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the Troop Filter UI would overlap on non-16:9 aspect ratios.

  • Fixed an issue where the game screensafe area wasn’t applying correctly on games first load after updating to 4.3.5 on PS4.

  • Fixed an issue where one-shot spells were not disabling if the Troop was Blessed.

  • Fixed an issue where players were getting 2 turns on the first turn in Events, if the Potion of Explosion caused a 5 Gem match cascade.

  • Fixed an issue on iPhone XR where some UI on the World Map was going off screen.

  • Fixed an issue where “Revenge” and “Rival” tags were not displaying correctly in PVP after going to the World Map before returning to PVP menu.

  • Fixed an issue where Invasion Stage 3 wasn’t greying out correctly when completed.

  • Fixed an issue where weapon descriptions were not updating correctly in Screenshot mode.

  • Fixed an issue where the Class Weapons’ tooltip was not displaying if the player already owned the Weapon.

  • Several minor Bug Fixes

Help Center Articles

We've added new articles in our Help Center for the 4.4 update:

Firstus for onceus

Easy as copy and paste team sharing :heart_eyes:

Replacing daily / weekly (snot stone) tasks is adventure board.

Enhanced team AI suggestions

Newbs can boost team power in events by spending extra sigils.

Update is live on PS4

Yass I was right

Balance changes are super weird. Lol

Yeah they seem like a bunch of troops got buffs.

Attn @Slypenslyde

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please please please no major updates during GW week. it might be fine this time… so far… but really, is there a way we can get this implemented for reals?



Now to catch up on rest of what changed

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Nothing about PvP points changing in the patch notes.
Is that something that 4.4.5 will address?

Now I have to figure out a new “oldest, most ridiculous bug” but honestly I’m trying to move out of that market!

I’m pretty sure the word on that came in the big drama explosion I was a part of a couple weeks ago. I think the word was “this one is actively being worked on” but I don’t remember there being an ETA other than “not in the next 6 months”?

ALSO WAIT WTF the iOS update is already out?

This is a bunch of changes that sort of reminds me of the chat update, just some little moves and shakes that aren’t necessarily my pain points. But the chat update made me kind of mad for reasons I won’t dig up again and this is all stuff I can look at, sigh, and say “yeah I think a lot of players will get something out of this.”

Anyway I’m going poke at the new stuff and see what’s there. Later tonight I’ll find out if it still stops my media when it starts.

We are working on PVP points at the moment, but are unsure as to where it will fit into our update cycle. (Or if it will at all! We will do changes without a major update if we can.)


I had to read a terms of service, which was new, but while there’s probably some things in it that would make people gasp it seemed like a pretty standard ToS.

The most interesting point is if you’re a US Citizen and you want to file a legal dispute, note that the ToS asserts the game operates under California’s state laws and you’re going to have to file your case + have the trial in California.

That’s actually good in my opinion because I was suspicious that section would instead have an arbitration agreement. Those are garbage and this is not one of those.



I only ever see a creepy disembodied head.

Shouldn’t that rather read decreased? Down from 67% to 50%?

The way the ratio works is for every 3 life it gives +1 damage. This way its every 2 life it gives +1 damage

Only if the old ratio was 3:1, not 3:2 (which it might actually have been, not sure).

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I got something on Facebook saying that this was live on Xbox One. This does not appear to be the case.

I have read it like 5 times, and only just noticed now that you point it out, that its a 2 instead of a 1.

You forget to put the Dungeon here… again… :frowning: