4.4 Update Preview Discussion

Omg i want a bow that does triple against fairie fired enemies (above the fairie fire itself) and an enchanted poisoned dagger that converts brown yellow, please xD

Stack em up and shoot em down :sunglasses:

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Not instead of; in addition too.
Previously it was random, and Ra did not come up for so long that the peasants’ wailing and gnashing of teeth in their official 'Ra where are you :frowning: ’ topic finally drew the pity of the devs…

The lesson here is that the little thing you devs did made people happy.
The more subtle lesson, so much hate and discontent could be avoided by ‘adjusting’ simple things sooner rather than later.


I could not agree with you more, (not just this one line but the other references you made too). As someone who as played since 2015 (I missed a few weeks at launch) I am surprised to see the removal of rewards from creative team building. I have always enjoyed this aspect of Tasks.

Enjoy the old post I made shortly after the massive nerf when they (appropriately) removed unlimited and infinite GEMS from fully repeatable endless Tasks.

Rowanne plus 3 others, i wasnt so creative maybe… :grin:

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Who’s expecting this This week :crazy_face:

I hope. I believe. I’ll add a reason as well. I hate daily tasks. Can’t wait for the adventure board. Also, it’s logical that since the leaderboard does away with snotstone events, the patch would have to drop on a monday right? (or do they away drop on mondays?)

They never drop on Monday lol, its usually mid week

interesting… I wonder how that’s going to work out with the snotstone event. will it disappear in the middle of the week when the adventure board drops? will it be a week with no snotstone event because of the patch but no adventure board til mid week? will we have a week where the snotstone event overlaps the adventure board? Or something different entirely. Hmm

the snotstone event will run alongside for the first week, then at weekly reset after the patch it will be gone


Right on. That makes the most sense.

The pet for the event on Wednesday doesn’t seem to have an art file in the Games section, which might be an indicator that the update will drop today or tomorrow.

Really? I can see a firework-looking thing in my Games menu.

That’s odd, I even restarted the game, it’s not showing up for me. Running on PC.

There is no art for that pet on PC but on Android I can see it.

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Is it a new pet?

I can see it on iOS as well. Kind of a firecracker presumably for 4th July celebrations!

It’s a cosmetic pet:

PC seems to be getting the slightly delayed version, showing what the pet looks like after it exploded. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


“Missing art” is so common now it doesn’t qualify as a bug or that anything’s wrong with the files. It means you need to restart your game, maybe reinstall it, maybe format your machine, etc.

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Well, it’s a missing art in this case, so there’s no need to do anything on my side.

Just if someone missed 4.4 official news: 4.4 Update Patch Notes