4.4 Update Preview Discussion

Right on. That makes the most sense.

The pet for the event on Wednesday doesn’t seem to have an art file in the Games section, which might be an indicator that the update will drop today or tomorrow.

Really? I can see a firework-looking thing in my Games menu.

That’s odd, I even restarted the game, it’s not showing up for me. Running on PC.

There is no art for that pet on PC but on Android I can see it.

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Is it a new pet?

I can see it on iOS as well. Kind of a firecracker presumably for 4th July celebrations!

It’s a cosmetic pet:

PC seems to be getting the slightly delayed version, showing what the pet looks like after it exploded. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


“Missing art” is so common now it doesn’t qualify as a bug or that anything’s wrong with the files. It means you need to restart your game, maybe reinstall it, maybe format your machine, etc.

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Well, it’s a missing art in this case, so there’s no need to do anything on my side.

Just if someone missed 4.4 official news: 4.4 Update Patch Notes