4.4 Update Preview Discussion

Indeed, lots of things were changed as per player requests! We regularly (and but we I mean I) curate a list of quality of life suggestions that we try to implement from with each new update.

I mentioned many player requests that we acted on earlier, but here are a few from the top of my head…

  • Dawnbringer removed from arena
  • Removed hero class change fee
  • Made it possible to stick hero classes to teams
  • Re-worked hero class talent trees (actually, a hero class rework was requested for years, and we did it when we got the chance!
  • Soulforge

This one should have been free on release

This one also, when you got 2 events at the same, it’s just logic to be able to use 2 different class at the same time

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I’m really trying to tone things down but I want to point out some of those things weren’t just “implemented because players wanted them yay :heart_eyes_cat:”.

The devs kicked and screamed about the class change fee. We were told multiple times it was impossible, nobody wanted to do it, and that we should stop asking. This wasn’t given joyfully. I feel like the devs still resent doing it. I wonder just how many dang gems you guys were making off of it.

Also: ask a Switch player how happy they are you think it’s been removed. While you’re at it, maybe respond to the one who asked earlier today when Switch players can expect an update. They’re probably not cheering for 4.4 right now, and as far as I know the ETA is still “we’re watching the industry and it’s complicated and lol soon”.

I fought in the trenches for Dawnbringer getting kicked out of Arena. I endured a ton of player abuse in the form of “git gud n00b” for 8 months thank you very much. I don’t see this as “being given”, I feel like I had to take it.

Soulforge also wasn’t a happy kawaii bless fest. IIRC, people complained and kept Pharos-Ra’s thread at the top of the forums for 5 or 6 months until the devs relented and forced it in one Christmas.

That list is the worst possible list of things the devs have done for the players, I think above I pointed out a handful of drama-free things that came and I think those are better examples!


Unfortunately I don’t have a firm date for the next Switch update, which is why I haven’t responded. The Switch has a different set of limitations to other platforms, which is why we don’t have a date yet.

Instead of just forcing Ra in we did make changes to the rotation. We just also added it during Christmas as a little something extra.

I understand that you feel these battles were hard won, but we did make changes, and we continue to do so. (Just because they took time doesn’t mean we didn’t listen and change things.)

(Also keep in mind I am more likely to remember and bring up things that I advocated for or mentioned a lot in the past, so my list is probably a little biased.)


All I want to say let 4.4 be the new start for our bridge. Do it as if it’s a new game and a rebirth of our relationship.
1: QA shouldn’t be only on streams we should have section in forum dedicated to that where DEVs answer questions weekly or fortnightly depends on their resources (yes some one needs to go thru the Questions and select the ones associated with hot topics and other appropriate ones and answer them on weekly or fortnightly basis and yes there will be some silly question that gets ignored)
2: make forum less messy and organised , recruiting should have their own section
3: clear communication
5: do something for players who are contributing and streaming fo you, these people deserve a lot of Luv :heart: :heart_decoration:
4: my favourite :v:t4: :v:

Just chipping in here on this one. Recruiting DOES have it’s own section. There are multiple sub categories of Guild Chat that are for recruiting specifically. If you don’t want to be seeing those posts on your general forum feed, you can mute those categories.


I’ll take that back :wink:

I suppose it’s worth saying I wouldn’t call myself “angry” right now, but that particular set of issues have a lot of baggage.

To some extent, large-scale changes require players to fight hard for them. That part I agree with. That’s the lead-in sentence to an essay where I try to explain what I think went wrong with them. But it’s all subjective and there’s a fine line between “dwelling in the past” and “using the past to inform the future”.

I’m just tired of fighting so I feel like the game’s fair. The two issues I’ve spent the most time on from this thread are issues where one group of players has a significant resource advantage over another in a way that can’t be reversed through gameplay. Maybe don’t do that again, in new features. I much rather “tensions”, where maybe if I quest hard I can get a set of armor that doubles my PvP points but I lose my gold reward. I don’t like “well, change guilds and maybe you’ll find the magic stat mix that lets you cut 10 matches off your chores” or “Well, the only path to obtaining that item is this forums thread garbage fire.”


pet peeve triggered

“As per” is redundant! You just need “per”.

pet peeve sated

i want one of these new classes to have a talent that lets your hero dual wield weapons xD


There was also the Famine nerf. I think I may have brought that up once or twice.

Omg i want a bow that does triple against fairie fired enemies (above the fairie fire itself) and an enchanted poisoned dagger that converts brown yellow, please xD

Stack em up and shoot em down :sunglasses:

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Not instead of; in addition too.
Previously it was random, and Ra did not come up for so long that the peasants’ wailing and gnashing of teeth in their official 'Ra where are you :frowning: ’ topic finally drew the pity of the devs…

The lesson here is that the little thing you devs did made people happy.
The more subtle lesson, so much hate and discontent could be avoided by ‘adjusting’ simple things sooner rather than later.


I could not agree with you more, (not just this one line but the other references you made too). As someone who as played since 2015 (I missed a few weeks at launch) I am surprised to see the removal of rewards from creative team building. I have always enjoyed this aspect of Tasks.

Enjoy the old post I made shortly after the massive nerf when they (appropriately) removed unlimited and infinite GEMS from fully repeatable endless Tasks.

Rowanne plus 3 others, i wasnt so creative maybe… :grin:

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Who’s expecting this This week :crazy_face:

I hope. I believe. I’ll add a reason as well. I hate daily tasks. Can’t wait for the adventure board. Also, it’s logical that since the leaderboard does away with snotstone events, the patch would have to drop on a monday right? (or do they away drop on mondays?)

They never drop on Monday lol, its usually mid week

interesting… I wonder how that’s going to work out with the snotstone event. will it disappear in the middle of the week when the adventure board drops? will it be a week with no snotstone event because of the patch but no adventure board til mid week? will we have a week where the snotstone event overlaps the adventure board? Or something different entirely. Hmm

the snotstone event will run alongside for the first week, then at weekly reset after the patch it will be gone