4.3 in screenshots

   hi everyone, i did some screenshot for the people who don't have the time to watch the 1h34 video

big part of the update is about social interaction and you will be able to use some potions for events like invasion, raid and delves

so this is the new chat

you can see your emoji, tittle and portrait, you also can see what you need to do to unlock them

in this picture you can see the new honor system, you will be able to give 5 to the person of your choice

if you click on anyone name you will be able to see the honor logo (respected status) beside the favorite troop, the logo will change when you reach the numbre needed

from the chat menu you will be able to select a name and report him if you suspect him to cheat or if he use bad language. if you report someone, he won’t be automatically banned, the devs will investigate and if they got enough proof they will ban.poor ozball lol always the punching bags :slight_smile:

Wehn you collect tribute, you will now see a new windows showing you which ressources you got and from which kingdom. You also can see your honor points and emblem

new suggest banner button will now appear in the filter menu

new potions and their effect, you will be able to buy it from tieredshop, they will be automatically use at the start of the battle. you also can get some portait and emoji from the tiered shop

If you like to show off you will be able to do some screenshot when you click (on the camera beside the troop or pet )and post it in social media. you can change the troop, the background, the pet a,d you can select which details you want to see

ACCIDENTAL SPOILERS!!! :slight_smile:


@Rickygervais change the title to 4.3 (not 3.4)! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Looking forward to this update and the positive changes it will have in the community :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I’m looking forward to being “Drinking Buddy”

Gonna have to loosen kafka up a bit, first :wink: :beers:

It’s super weird seeing yourself in screenshots, won’t lie.


Doesn’t beat listening to your own voice. Anyway, back on topic. What are we most excited for this update?


To find out when we get the update? :wink:


And what is going to prevent people from signing into alt accounts and giving daily honor to themselves to boost rewards?

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For me, its the tribute detailed screen. :blush:


Someone’s excited :stuck_out_tongue:. Hype!!! :hugs:

100% looking forward to emojis the most. I’m constantly unable to properly express myself in-game :cry: :stuck_out_tongue:.

Also a more reliable chat and the new community features. The Potions of Enchantment and explosions look pretty cool/fun, too :slightly_smiling_face:.

I really hope the new chat will support Shruggy ¯_(ツ)_/¯, but if not, a nice, proper shrug emoji :man_shrugging: will do just fine :stuck_out_tongue: :slightly_smiling_face:.

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jk. Im excited if the game doesn’t break/glitch somewhere after the update.

After that, I’ll celebrate the Zuul’Goth emote/other things related to Zuul’Goth.

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I’ll be the downer here, but I am not excited at all to see that much energy and time put into an update that will have close to zero effect on gameplay, when it needs an urgent adjustment.



I will be the most excited when you will resolve the issue with the Event Weapons and introduce my suggestion - Implement The Weekly Challenge/Task - Guild Related Event Only

Yep, this. The Honor system, in particular, is adding a very unwelcome social layer. Look people, I’m super-popular!

Social pressure is not a valid method of incentivising gameplay.


I have to agree. I have been mostly positive about the various update changes that have been put forth in the past despite the dubious efficacy/benefit to the player base of some of them. I am not terribly enthusiastic for these changes. Although the ease of reporting other’s poor/cheating behavior could turn out to be a pretty good change, I am cautious of some of the other items in the update. I have not been on Global Chat for well over a year due to the toxicity and pettiness that plague it. Maybe it has changed since my absence and maybe the new reporting system will help curtail it but the Homor system seems little more than, as you mentioned, a popularly contest. I suppose we will have to see how it plays out. Perhaps I am being a premature doomsayer here. I do like the idea of being able to give Honor to a PvP opponent with a particularly clever defense team as an example. I am also not sure if Potions are going to be an asset or just a resource sink. Again, we will just have to wait and see…


Firebomb defenses are making a comeback! :rofl:

Would you say this would encourage positive feedback for giving a free 3 trophy battle or negative feedback for not being challenging enough?
I for one am all for having 4x fire bombs as my defense and would love to face them all day, but I also know some people might not like it for being too easy and a waste of time (their words not mine)

When should the update come?

I was only using the PvP defense related to Honor as a hypothetical but that is a good question. I for one would not give negative feedback for a 4x Firebomb team. In fact I would not give negative feedback for any defense team - even the dreaded DE team. However, I can see how many would both regarding 4x Firebomb and whatever flavor of Meta team was vogue at the time. I would simply give positive feedback when I saw something fun/different/refreshing like a team with Gog and Gud or Gargantuar on it :laughing:

I expect it to come either 6 hours prior to weekly reset this week. Or within 24 hours after it.