4.3 in screenshots

I for one won’t be wasting much time with any of the new stuff herein. The game is way too taxing time wise as it is so I haven’t time to dig thru my pvp history to check an honour box. Potions etc don’t excite me either…sure they may prove to add a nice angle, but in my eyes, the more complicated this game becomes, the greater the likelihood of additional bug introduction and the greater the disappointment and exodus from seasoned players. The reworking of pans Vale seems popular but the downside is that players want everything rewritten. I seriously believe that the event and troop bombardment greatly exacerbates the bug issue; lack of variation and creavity ensues due to insufficient development time, and the playerbase objections become louder and more frequent. Delve faction troops for example are generally rubbish and the gold/treasure cards needed to get the faction horde high enough to attempt a lvl 500 face off is ludicrous. This game needs to slow right down IMO before the derail becomes terminal.


Where is the option to downrate people for using trollteams?



Just putting this out there…

On beta, where the stream was conducted, the cap on event key purchases is not in place. When the update goes live, there will be a hard limit of 10 packs (not 40 as pictured) purchasable per player per week.

Regarding the second picture, the “Fast Forward” button changes the purchasable quantity up in increments needed for the next ascension. So, 1, 6, 16, 41, and so on.

Clicking/tapping the Fast Forward button when the counter is at “Ascendable to Mythic” will change the counter to the lower of either:

– The maximum number of purchases the player can afford at the time.
– 200 purchases.


So the update will probably this week?
If that’s the case it might be better to wait before buying tier if you want potions , emoji, titles and portrait?


I’m still hoping they don’t implement the limit until after the week of the patch. I know we’ve been given ample opportunity already to convert existing stashes of glory to event keys, but not allowing us to do so using the new interface rubs me the wrong way almost as much as the change itself. They may be banking on the tedium and risk of injury preventing people from converting large backlogs all at once instead of as needed (and to some degree they’d be right, because I had to stop), but it just seems spiteful.


Glory to Event? It only lets me convert Gems to the green Event keys. Or Gems to blue Gem keys. I’m on ps4. I can convert Glory to Glory Keys.

So… Is there really a way to convert Glory to Event Keys???

In the store, Glory Rewards tab, Path to Glory. 180 glory for an event key and some other nominal stuff.

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Huh. That’s interesting. I only ever bought the weekly troop for 300~500 Glory for the arcane traitstones. Didn’t know you could even buy event keys in the Shop.

That they do not say the release date of 4.3 already borders on the ridiculous. If I buy invasion steps and the update arrives, for example, on Wednesday, will you return the spent gems because I do not have the potions? Will you give me the potions? Will you expel those who buy after the update because they will be in clear advantage with those who bought before? It is ridiculous to treat the release date as if it were a state secret


When should the update come because we are all waiting for it

They very likely don’t know the release date yet. Coordinating such a release over several platforms takes quite a bit of effort and usually involves unexpected delays, because one of the parties involved all of the sudden needs more time.

I understand what you’re saying. But then if they take it out in the middle of the week, will those who buy now receive compensation? Either in the form of gems or potions? Or will it be as always? I’m sorry we can not do anything

During the beta, potions were awarded retroactively.

Edit: not true after all? @Karanak @Fourdottwoone @XLS78


Thanks for the clarification. Since the update would affect the event I think it was something that we should know

I’m most excited about some of these changes stopping the bleeding of people quitting. It took far too long for these guys, the game is not in a healthy spot.

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Are you sure about that?

When I tested potions on beta, this was not the case. Tiers bought in an event where potions were later turned on were not retroactively awarded.

Potions on beta were toggleable on/off from the dev side of the system. I’d assume that if 4.3 launches in the middle of the weekly event that potions will remain “off” until the start of the next event that uses them to avoid this issue from occurring.


Oh, poop. Sorry. I misremembered. I could have sworn there were no potions at the start of the event, and then there were potions later.

Not to rain on the parade, but there’s been no mention the patch has been approved.
The patch that first enabled chat was pushed back twice do to console privacy issues. Hope that’s not the case now.

I thought I read somewhere that they were good to go last week, but wanted to wait until after GW, not entirely sure
If that were the case, one would think the update would be implemented by now, but being that there is no consistency ever, I guess we’ll have to wait and see