(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

Lol, that was good :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

Here’s a song about Bin Chickens that contains a lot of swearing - perhaps part of the reason for the movement to redeem them:

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Could someone explain to me how the MVP system works (what is this?). I did not understand.

Isn’t it like the way the Victory screen works now?
Though I may be wrong :woman_shrugging:

I did not understand some items on this menu. Could you explain the “Spellmaster” (is it a title?) And the “Tha was fun” button?
That camera next to the Continue button would be for instant prints?

Any updates for the art of Queen of sin

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This will answer all your questions


Thank you.

Any idea when 4.3 will go live?

Anyone know about 15 new Delve rooms yet? I’m so excited about it, hope it come with 4.3 update!

Excluding new Factions' Start/Boss rooms, Here's the list

Legendary/Treasure - Dark King’s Hoard (Death Touch)
Legendary - Ice Cave
Epic/Treasure - Dark Magus’s Secrets (Arcane)
Epic - Dark Cabal
Epic - Fell Nest
Ultra-Rare/Treasure - Dwarven Ale-Vault (Grudge)
Ultra-Rare/Treasure - Thieve’s Hideout (Agile)
Ultra-Rare - Chimera Cave
Ultra-Rare - Dark Wave Pool
Ultra-Rare - Spider Nest (Slippery)
Ultra-Rare - The Bone Plie (Chill Touch)
Rare/Treasure - Pot o’ Gold (Greedy)
Rare - Hidden Nests
Rare - Smugggler’s Den
Common - Deep Hive

Fun Fact :

Dark King’s Hoard mark the first Legendary Treasure Room, with first second base-Mythic troop (after Xethanos) in the team : Flesh Golem/Werewolf/Hellcat/Draakulis

You can look up for more detail here


Xathenos already exists in Liche’s Crypt, though?


Welp, completely forget about Xathenos. :sweat_smile:

First Mythic from visible kingdom then. Lol. (Just kidding, fixed it)


“All allied troops gain Death Touch at the start of future battles”

What! Lol.


If that’s not a typo, that would be an interesting gambit to risk a delve run again a very dangerous high level Draak team.

The encounter team is designed to feed Draak through color conversion and gem exploding, who is unblocked on 2 of his 3 colors. Draak isn’t going to be fun to fight against when level boosted into the hundreds.

High risk, high reward?

Speaking of the new factions…
Are you going to share the lovely photoshopping works you do for the Silver Necropolis? :heart_eyes:

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Aw… :relaxed: I surely will, once I get my hand on the arts, which should be coming with 4.3 update. (Surely next week now, as they can’t release Friday Mythic without its art…) I’ll have to recalculate Delve’s statistics again and make new arts as well if all that 15 rooms will be available.

Yeah, big surprise for me as well. If you “somehow” managed to use Faction team to beat that room, your lackluster team will suddenly be more powerful. Speaking of that…

  • Ultra-Rare/Treasure - Thieve’s Hideout
    Bandit/Dragonian Rogue/Scurvy Seadog/Raven.
    All Allies troops gain Agile at the start of future battles

Now, all that random skyfall skull-match will be a bit less threatening, only 4 out of 5 times to be exact. :sweat_smile:

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I look forward to it :grin:
Thanks always for your hard work!

Hello guys. I’m a bit outdated, I read the recent posts and I’m curious to see the news. Do we have any forecast of when Update 4.3 arrives?

Well, given that according to Taran’s, none of the art assets are in the client after this week’s event (including this Friday’s mythic)… the odds are really high that the patch has to be this week, if not today.

Anyone’s guess though. I suppose Salty could temporarily get around the issue by playing from beta for tonight’s mythic preview stream.


Thank you, Lyrian. =)

Curiosity is killing me i need to have the Queen of Sin art.