4.2.5 Patch Notes


Same problem for Spanish localization on Steam (PC). Tested ten minutes before daily reset. Persistent even after restarting the game if you do not click through the tutorial. Once you have followed the tutorial to the end, it’s gone.


This is … rather unexpected. I tell my guild to expect the unexpected, but this…


Just “hero”. No class. No traits, no talents. No sub-type.


So I don’t get class do from pet rescues anymore? So what all can I actually get do from other than explore? Pretty much bs that this is changing. Makes a disadvantage to new players…


You can @Johnnyrebel, just choose “edit” when you start a match and choose the class you want to use.


A friend got a loss in GW even if he won the match. The opponent’s hero had no class set.


Yeah also one in my guild won a match and the game didnt count the win because the opposing champion didnt set his class


Has anyone else had problems with the Amazon update? There is no new update in their App store.
(Hoping opposing team gets many losses since I am unable to set class defense… Just kidding. Sort of) :smiley_cat:


The GW is messed up with the bug for players with no class…
Please stop release patch in the GW week


I know for Android and iOS people had to go to the actual app page and refresh it there to get it to show. Might be the same for you


Exactly, some guilds get lucky, facing no hero class defense teams which put other guilds in an unfair situation.


Thanks Smash. Tried uninstalling, reinstalling. Now I get an error saying there is an required update. “Restart game” Checked the App store and only update showing is last (Version 4.2007). Now I’m stuck in an endless loop of "restart game. I guess it’s time to go to support now.
But thank you for your reply! Much appreciated!:blush:


Sorry to hear :frowning:
Its 8pm here in Aus, so devs are prob out of the office for ~12 hours or so.

Hopefully before then it shows up as an update though for you


Great update!

(did I really write that)


@Cyrup can we have an answer about this gw with a lot of player without hero class on defence? Is unfair…


Gotta be honest, I’m kinda bummed about the implementation. I was picturing a master class, and if you elected, you could set a team class to override the master class. Not a “all teams must have a class assigned to it individually”…

Good job on the free class change tho.

May I suggest the addition of a Change All Team Classes button?


With this being the case. Why are we unable to get hero XP when using any team? Why does the hero have to be used?
(Some classes are just garbage and you shouldn’t force people to use them in their teams. This would be a great way to have people enjoy the game without dealing with the frustration of bad design.)


Great update, thanks!


Outstanding update. I am very happy with the changes to the way the Hero Class works. Great job everyone!


Can’t believe this bug is still there after 5 update :frowning:

Look at the 3rd daily task, it saying "win 8 battle with “Drifting Sands” troops

But when you click “RB” for more details, you can read "win battles with 3 troops from “Wild Plains”

This is on xbox, french version

Edit: the good selection is Drifting Sands


My guildmate reports the same problem, also while trying to update the game on their Kindle device.