4.2.5 Patch Notes


I will pay “I can’t get champion XP in arena” if it means the change fee is gone.

Speaking from a design perspective, it was weird how profitable arena was compared to PvP anyway. I mean, I liked it but this makes more sense.


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I’m getting XP. Are you using the actual Hero on those teams?


And now I am going to delete the above comments, as they are a mistake on my part. It’s been so long since I cared about Champion XP I forgot how it was supposed to work. I also managed to read Sirrian’s OP and not comprehend it. @Cyrup, false alarm on my part. Feel free to delete this post as well. :bowing_man:‍♂


I have in HUD Titan, but in Guild Roster a another class hmmm.
And when i have no Hero on my Team why then class name on Team?




Best patch. Effectively adds 20 playable classes. Crossing my fingers for no super debilitating bugs.


So as to get battles counted towards collecting the weapon.


Oh you mean the 250 fights right?


Yeap thats the 1


I can always post you some if you get bored.

@nav037 thanks I’ll let the team know.



Thnx for that. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


This should be added to op because people rarely change their pet teams or look closely at rewards. You MUST select a class again for each of these teams after patch to get champion xp.


A most appropriate picture, I must say. :popcorn:


Enjoy the free class changes, everyone.


Yeah every team got your curent hero class by default but like you said you need to select it again to apply them


Pet rescue teams have no class assigned, they are blank until you select one.


Weird i had my current class set for rescue.

I will check again for next one


I don’t see the point in removing class xp from arena. Some people prefer playing arena to other modes, it will be a lot more difficult for these players to get the hero traits now.

Please reconsider @Sirrian @Nimhain @Cyrup @Alpheon


Well, you are not wrong regarding playable, but it would be great if it was 20 playable and GOOD/BALANCED classes…

But well, nobody can deny that this is one HUGE LEAP in the right direction.


Supposedly… This update was supposed to fix the issues in global chat. Evidently it was talked about in Salty’s stream.
I am not seeing any information about chat in the patch notes though?