4.2.5 Patch Notes


It’s still useful, because even when your hero isn’t part of the team, you still can collect wins for the class-weapon.


The question about Arena is good; a similar question would apply to Raid, Invasion, Delves, Pet Rescues, and any other team that doesn’t come from the main list. One hopes the devs considered this, but we’ll find out soon enough! Waiting with bated breath for the update to drop on iOS.


Checked using delves, can assign the class in there when making a team.

Assuming it will work the same with all others as well, as it does work the same through the GW Def page


Probably. Except for arena. :frowning:


Sorry, Arena no longer grants Wins or Champion XP as Classes do not apply there. I’ve added that clarification to the original notes post above.


Whaaaat?! :face_with_monocle:


Why? We do use a hero in arena. Why can’t we choose a class? Or at worst have the class of whatever team applied?


That… actually makes sense. You don’t get to use class traits, or class talents. (Do you get the bonus stats from your class? I never checked.)


It should have always been that class XP wasn’t granted from the introduction of hero classes then…


If you give Blessed his 1500 gems we can be done with this and never speak of it again.


Always something negative done when adding useful things for the players lol.


Due to the current design of Arena, your Class has never applied to your Hero in an Arena battle, and we kept this consistent with the new system. Unfortunately that means no Class Wins or Champion XP from Arena wins.


Exactly, their excuse of getting too many support tickets for lost mail no longer applies.


Just a friendly reminder to stay on topic as per the community guidelines. :slight_smile:


This is very cool, a nice small update, good jobs guys


I just did a pet battle with new Warpriest class (with hero on the team also) and no champion xp was awarded.
Edit: I just tried switching classes and then switching back to Warpriest and it now awards champion xp.


It would be neat if the hero menu in the upper left corner would still contain a class tab to the displayed class, for quick reconfiguration of talents. Having to go through the troops menu by first selecting a team feels somewhat awkward.


I think any mode that allows you to pick from your roster should still work, it contains a class tab now, so only Arena no longer awards champion XP.


…and added new some instances of unlocalized text

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Champion XP should be earned for any gamemode except Arena and Training battles. If you aren’t getting champion XP ensure you have attached the Class to the team (i.e. try attaching/selecting a class again).

@nav037 when did this first happen?