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3.5 known issues (PC/Mobile/Console)

Nope I am playing in English. I will grab a screenshot if/when it happens again.

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What about the stealthy trait on the sorcerer class not working?

nevermind. i was hit by miststalker so it wasnt targeting.

On another note, I thought I understood the pet bonus’s but maybe not.

Fennekit - Team Bonus: Fire

These pets only provid a bonus if ALL 4 troops are the same color?

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Let it happen on purpose today to take this screenshot.


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Is it intended that Bone Dragon’s last trait triggers before the skull damage is applied? Taking a 4x skull against him will freeze you before the damage is calculated. I thought it would freeze you afterwards.

On Xbox, some bonuses from hero classes dont apply when hero is on defense team.
For exemple Entangle the 1st troop at start of battle. Its working if I have my hero on attack, it entangle 1st troop of opponent but its not working if I face a player who have the hero in defense with such bonus unlocked. My 1st troop is never entangled. (I had in 1st position troops not immune to entangle)

On xbox (french version) i got the daily task “Remporter 8 batailles avec des unités de sables mouvant” (win 8 battle with drifting sand troops) and when i click RB for more details, it asking me to win 8 battle with 3 “Plaines Sauvages” (Wild plains) troops

So the good one is drifting sand



Edit: i already reported that bug in 3 different update, please can you fix it for real, it really look like you don’t care about the french version


@Nevaru Cheers, I’ll pass that onto QA :slight_smile: Does this happen with any particular battle in the event (e.g. the last one or the third one), or each one amd every battle you do?

@Truxton Thanks, it would be great if you had a video or some screenshots of this, as well as information on the Class Talents and Class you are using, also how often this occurs? each battle? What game mode? And when you say “My 1st troop is never entangled.” you mean the opponents first troop or your first troop?

First I’ve heard about this one so I’ll add it for QA to take a look at. They were starting a review of translation errors in Tasks last week. It’s never a matter of not caring, just ensuring we are aware of the problems and it gets raised correctly on our end! :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone

We have noticed an emerging issue where you may open Gems of War to be found on a new game. We still store your account progress on our servers so it’s not lost entirely. However, we are still looking into this issue and I don’t have anymore info at this stage

Please hang tight

fix quickly please,i need my 1375 level hero.

  1. Can you please ensure you are logged into the PSN account first used to download Gems of War and reinstall the game? See if this helps.
  2. What is the invite code of your new account that you were made to start on, and what is the invite code of the account you are missing?
  3. Did you notice any errors recently? If so, when, and what exactly do they say?
  4. Did you purchase any dungeon packs recently?
  5. What was the last thing you did before closing the game before the issue occurred?

1.main account,i try to download again but im sure not fix the problem
5.before 10 hours farming stones in explores

Please PM me the invite code of your old and new account which just arrived with the new game, I can’t find any accounts with that name

Hi all, please contact support with your invite code of the new account and the invite code of the account you have lost you are experiencing this issue

Please select “Account issue”

Regarding the ps4 issue:

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On PC platform (Steam), Spanish language. There is a mismatch on the information provided for a daily task; on the text that shows over the map, it states to win 12 combats with 3 yellow troops. In the detailed information accessed through the ? button, it states to win 12 combats with 3 green troops. Green troops is the right one. This mismatch is only applied to Spanish language; I have changed to english and it states green troops on both texts.



@Cyrup I have this problem too. So far I’ve only noticed it in the last battle but just now in the middle of battle 1 I walked away for a while and the event ended and I had to restart my game


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PC platform (Steam). Untranslated text in spanish version on the Hero Class information menu


Xbox, class event scoring system is stuck at 50. When I win a battle worth 62 points, I receive 52 pts (no troop lost). 75 points give in reality 55 points,…etc…