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3.5 known issues (PC/Mobile/Console)

@Cyrup look the pic

thanks I’ll take a look at the PM

Hi All,

The server team sent a fix out at least an hour ago to stop the Daily Tasks not registering issue. This was a visual issue only, and if you restart your game and connect to your Mail the tasks will complete accordingly.


On Xbox, if the pet rescue timer end before I complete and win the battle, game force me to quit game and reload. Msg say “The event is over, please restart your game” (translated from French) I then find the rewards of battles completed in time in my mailbox but thats annoying to have to reload the game.

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The problem is with bard class heros. The 20% reduced damage from spells makes scatter damage (tesla, sunbird, rowanne, imperial jewel, etc) not able to kill them. Since only lethal is distributed to the troop if they are at 10 life they only get assigned 10 damage and they take 8 no matter how much damage you throw at them.

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    July 2

New issues:

Cutthroats And Canines Art Is Missing On Xbox And PS4

Missing Assets (Orbs, Ingots, Etc) On PS4

Enemy Troops Do Not Die And The Game Is Frozen (looks like your issue @Earnham) @Papa @Shimrra

This behavior makes me think the devs often have to settle for “does it work” rather than “is it right”.

We need more information on the exact steps to replicate extra turns not being granted. I get them, too. The devs fixed all the known causes of this issue happening in 3.5 but one of the variants of the issue - which is likely what you are experiencing - wasn’t found during testing. This has been fixed for 3.6, but if you have anymore information check out this article and feel free to send it to me or to support with “technical issue” selected.

@Rickygervais https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000210256

@Kay93x We aren’t aware of this issue, please contact support with “technical issue” selected so we can learn more. You might want to closing down your game if it has been open for a long time or reinstalling.

@TimeKnight what are the exact names of these tasks, and can you please confirm which gamemodes you were doing them in when they didn’t register? What’s your platform? We had some server issues around reset, so it’s possible this is just temporary.

@Cyrup or @Kafka, I just went to cast spell in the raid and was booted to blue screen. Lost a sigil due to this.

Sorry about that! @Santandrix

If you submit a support ticket we will help you with your missing Sigil.

If you get this error again you might want to try clearing your save data and maybe even reinstalling Gems of War, the instructions are here:

Thank you. I submitted a ticket. I hope it can get to you guys quick. Thanks for the help. I’ll reinstall game as well.

@Nevaru are you playing in French as well? @Truxton had a similar issue and was playing in French.

I’ll make a note of this for the team to investigate.

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Quick update on the Bronzelock Pistol issue: it is only occurring on mobile. I am using an LG G6 running Android Oreo, X4 animation speed, low quality, power saving. On my Win10 PC w/ 4.0GHz quad core, 16GB ram there is no issue and I cannot replicate. On the mobile device, it happens with higher levels of gem destruction, seems to be consistent when >70 gold has been collected. I did try a full reinstall of the game, which did not fix the issue.


@stan. They fixed the treasure map glitch. We have to play them now!!!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::exploding_head:

Please revert changes to before the patch where I could quit and have the map count. :wink: thx.

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We believe we’ve isolated this issue and have it fixed in the next patch.

Added to known issues :+1:

“Extra Turn” doesn’t always appear on the screen. Thus causing a lot of confusion for players.

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What did you cast before fire bomb cast its spell? What game-modes does this happen in? PC or Mobile? How long between your turn and Firebomb’s was it?

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Sent you a DM with the YouTube link.

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-Hero talent tree trait Bugs- While using Sunbird on a team with the Hero,and you have his Talent tree trait set where he/she will summon a Hellspawn when en enemy dies,the Hellspawn will replace the Sunbird upon Sunbirds death if the trait triggers. Not sure if that’s intentional but it isn’t a good thing to have happen if you don’t want it to. I would also like to report that the Stealthy trait is not working for the Hero. I have my Hero set to Sorcerer ,and am being targeted by the enemy. Not sure if that’s been reported or if it’s in the current patch notes but yeah,that trait isn’t working properly.

Not a bug. It’s working as intended. If you don’t want it to happen you need to select a different option on the skill tree. I’ll find the quote from the dev if you’d like?

That would be appreciated. It doesn’t sound right that troops can be slot-blocked by other troops. Even if intended, I think it should be changed.

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As requested.