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3.5 known issues (PC/Mobile/Console)

The later regarding the Class XP is on the Known Issues list, fixed in 3.6 next update. I have also added the other translation error to a list we have of odd tasks and translation issues.

@Maxx Thank you!

@Truxton Please contact support with some images and “missing rewards” so we can understand the issue better

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Here a bug.
Fire bomb does not have dispel, but there is the info bubble.

There are a lot of problems with the troop menu on Xbox One. I’ve tried recording a video to display some of the mistakes. Let’s count how many things are wrong. I can’t seem to upload it here, so it’s been posted to youtube.


  1. The troops are first sorted by amount. There are 61 Wall of Bones, but the number appearing in the upper right says 60.

  2. A similar problem for the Pharaoh Hound. There are 21, but the number shows 20. It should be noted that in both of these cases, pressing the right trigger to move to the next category (in this case, the next amount in descending order) does not work.

  3. 3rd iteration of the same bug. 16 under the troop, 14 in the upper right.

  4. Slayer Ghost is out of order. It has 11 copies, yet is listed after Dragon Cruncher with 9.

  5. Now for the upgradable sort. None of the text in the upper right is correct. Troops that can be neither traited nor ascended are shown as “Traitable”. Troops that can be traited are “Ascendable”. Troops that can be traited and ascended have no text.

  6. The last bug involves sorting weapons by level. Quite nicely, they are actually sorted by how many times they have been upgraded. Unfortunately, the left and right triggers are near useless here. Pressing the right trigger on the level 9 Divine Protector should go to the level 7 Crossbow of Exile. Instead, it skips all the way to the end of the list instead of the next heading. The left triggers behaves similarly, going to the front of the list.

I saw this addressed before, apparently Firebomb does Dispel itself before it hits itself for lethal damage - otherwise Barrier would save it. And the code for that causes the tooltip to appear.


What’s this? I can’t participate to gw though I’m the leader and just registered the guildn to gw.
Is there something that hold us not to participate? (Bug, member limit, etc)
Currently we are 16/30.

Screenshot_20180716-152015when i use skull attack enemy,it jump into the board. Android 8.0,4 x speed.


Also looking into your Guild issue now, when did you register?

@Melissa96 Thanks, I noticed this on Stream as well!
Was Saguaro Entangled before attacking with skull damage?
Did the attacked troop have any special traits that trigger on skull damage/did they have a status effect on them?
Have you been able to do this again since then?

Just an update before Guild Wars starts and a further note for future PVP battles especially: If you encounter a “Server Error - CLIFFY xxx” please check out this article:

i think this bug is caused by 4x speed .it didn’t happen when i switch to 1x speed. Screenshot_20180717-141149
saguaro’s 3rd trait animation is easy to made it jump in the board or right on 4x speed.

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Thanks Melissa, do you know if Saguaro was Entangled at all before attacking with skull damage?

entangle saguaro didn’t effected this bug happen

I see.
I registered on last gw Monday, but our guild didn’t participate for some reason.

I reregistered this Monday too, and that screen appeared what I posted before.
12 hours later everything went back to normal for no reason, so we can participate this week gw.

Hey Anarchy, glad that worked out! Sorry I didn’t respond - we checked your account before Daily Reset and could see that everything was correctly set up for guild wars.

Yeah, the issue occured right after the weekly reset and it was fixed after 12hours like I said.
This is the second big issue what I found related to gw.

I believe this should say 1500 seals

@JensenAckles Restart your game and let me know if that helps?

I added Saguaro’s issue to the known issues earlier today, we also need some more information on the issue:

Related to the “tribute chance shows 20% when it should show 30%”, there is a similar bug that happens at 7 stars of kingdom power.

My Suncrest currently sits at 7 stars and claims to award 200 gold, 8 glory, and 16 souls from tribute. None of these is divisible by 3, so this must still be the “double tribute reward” from power level 2.

Presumably this happens at any power level that changes tribute rewards or chance, but I can only test those two.

Yes it did thank you

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All the display stuff for Kingdom Power 5 and above are likely 1 off because they removed an entire kingdom power level and shifted a bunch of stuff down for the new system, but forgot to adjust the display accordingly. The “silver star” or “empty star” from previous versions meant that what everyone has always called a “five star” kingdom was actually the sixth kingdom power upgrade in previous versions. This upgrade was removed (or, more accurately, the 5th power upgrade, previously called 4* was removed) leaving the first power upgrades to skill bonus as gold/tribute amount/gold/tribute chance/skill bonus where it used to be gold/tribute amount/gold/tribute chance/gold/skill bonus.

During transition/grandfathering, everything at the previous power level 6 (five star) and above was synched to its expected new power level, which is now one power level lower (v3.4 5* = v3.4 power level 6 = v3.5 power level 5 = v3.5 5* = all of these are the point when the +1 skill bonus becomes available). The display seems to still be checking for an internal power >=6 to show an additional point of skill bonus and >=2, >= 4, >=8, and >= 10 to show the respective tribute bonuses from the kingdom view window. Tribute bonuses for pre-power 5 didn’t move in respect to absolute power ranks (they remained at the second and fourth power upgrades for a kingdom, which is now represented as 2* and 4* instead of 1* and 3*), which is why those display correctly - because they didn’t have their respective rewards get shifted down a power level.

The code that hands out the bonuses appears to be working correctly, though I can really only give hard independent confirmation due to observing skill bonuses from kingdoms at exactly Power Level 5, where I do indeed get a display of +1 but have +2.

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