3.5 feedback and suggestions


Under the Games tab, could Dungeons be the highlighted game if there’s no 1hr pet rescue active? There been a few times where I almost forgot to play them for the day.


I feel compelled to point out the 50 gems thing again because there’s not enough being done about that so far. Carry on.


@Cyrup Ingots are missing in the Raid Boss Rewards


Is it possible to get ingots considered for tiers 1 & 2 of the Raid and Invasion Shops? Currently they’re only available from tier 3 upwards. Some players would like to be able to save their gems for other uses. I would expect lesser amounts than they receive at tier 3, but since tier 3 starts at 6 legendary ingots, perhaps 2 for tier 1 and 4 for tier 2 could be considered? Or something comparable? It just feels like a bit of a “roadblock” to acquiring ingots if the, by far fastest method, is locked behind the more expensive tier purchases (considering the cost of tier 3 is 150 gems compared to 30 for tier 1 and 70 for tier 2). This way at least, those who have less gems, or those who would like to save them for other purchases, like chests, can do so and still collect ingots, albeit a slower pace than those willing to pay for higher tiers, without falling incredibly far behind (as collecting enough ingots during their weekly pvp climb to tier 1 to craft just one legendary ingot in the soulforge takes many, many battles).


The class event in general is rather underwhelming. It makes a bit of sense with a release of a new class, because the xp you gain for it actually makes a difference in champion levels, but when it’s a class that the player has already unlocked and played before, the extra xp from defeating class event battles is almost negligible. I see no incentive to play it or buy any of the shop tiers. There’s also little to none incentive to actually USE the class that the event is for, which seems odd.

Might I suggest doing something like giving double xp for the class of the class event for the duration of the class event. Either in class battles only or across the game. That might provide some incentive to actually use that class.


Someone know if the Invasion and Raid boss weapons available at Tier 3 will come back again soon?
If someone cant play for 1 or 2 weeks (Holiday, job,…) they need to have a way to get these weapons too.


Thanks for your feedback everyone! Especially loving that idea @Emos, I can see how that could be improved :slight_smile:

I’ve updated the original post on the document. I keep a seperate set of feedback, feature requests and quality of life suggestions, so I have been listening this whole time, but some of the top and notable suggestions have been added.


There’s been a lot of suggestions to add a “Play Again” button on Challenges. We’ve actually already got this in the game, but the “Play Again” button will not show if you already have 5 Stars on all Challenges. Would you still find that useful?


Sure, it’s there to repeat the 5* battle over and over. Many people use Divinion Field’s first challenge to grind for souls or daily tasks.


I suggested the ‘skip to left or right when at the end of a list’ for banner view in the 3.4 thread already.
@Cyrup, you forwarded that to the devs and they implemented this feature. :heart_eyes:
Though, they forgot to do so in Raid, Invasion, Bounty, Class Event and Pet Rescue. Basically everywhere but the regular troops menu. :wink:


Minor suggestion- an ability to use Growth Orbs to level up Champion classes. It would put them on par with the other three for usefulness.


This sounds kind of backwards, it shouldn’t ever stop displaying.

When it comes to grinding, both Explore and Challenge are useful for different reasons. Explore is useful because it has a higher Arcane/Celestial drop rate. Challenges are useful because you face the same team every time.

So when I’m soul farming, Challenges are a little smarter. Sometimes Explore matches end up pulling in a troop that slows me down. Challenges never change.

That means I want to repeatedly grind both. But if the button stops appearing when I’ve finished all five stars, then I can’t repeatedly grind both.

There’s no good reason for the button to disappear, unless the dev intent is “you can’t replay challenges”. If that’s your intent, stop showing the Challenges button when every mission is complete. But there are going to be some angry people.


According to the team, this was not there immediately to avoid confusing some players who think they need to keep playing again to complete all the challenges, when in fact they already have (for example, new players!). They’re working on a solution for the next update which should go in: If you have already completed the 5 stars then the Challenge will be available to repeat. :+1:


Then just slap on ‘Repeat the last Challenge’ onto the button. :wink:
Who’s able to read shouldn’t be confused.


As I mentioned, yes, it’s being worked on for the next update should go in :slight_smile:


I’m not sure about other Vault event, but getting 2-day head up for the event this week is very nice! ^^


I just had a PvP match where I had to kill 12 enemy cards, 8 of which were bandits. Now, I thought, we’ve been through this like 99 times and TDS has been nerfed to reflect that. But for some reason, seems like developers are a bit obsessed with revival. it is neither positive nor interesting experience, and instead turns a simple PvP into a slog without any chance of changing the result or introducing some additional challenges. To put in bluntly, the feature is silly and should be limited to a single bandit spawn preferably per match or at least per card slot elimination. There is no need to a bandit to spawn another bandit, absolutely no need. And no, we know, it is not really random and very streaky.




I think this has been mentioned already, but it’s not listed in the first post.

Could you bring back the number showing wins with each class if you are past 250 to get the corresponding weapon?


Suggestion is guild wars related. Classes/weapons in defense are the concern.

A few teams in bracket 1 (xbox) have a long history of people waiting until Sunday to play and catching up. The problem is that a defense set for Wednesday with a class-specific focus might not bear the same class on Sunday. One guild sat in 9th place this past Saturday night, and by the end of Sunday, posted 600k+ points to take 2nd place. To avoid Having the wrong class active when those people finally played, i had to switch to a weaker defense on Sunday. Like the troops, the class selected at reset should lock with the troops without affecting a player’s ability to have a different class active on any other day.