3.3 Patch Notes

when then ok

we are waiting for the ps4 on it

Has Gnomes the same chance of appearing in a Explore match as PvP match? Also is the rewards they can give the same for each game modes?

You forgot to mention 8x at the end of the joke😁

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Your probably right but at least I won’t be posting 10 of these videos a week like I have been for the last several months with the old “TDS” (forward to about 30 second mark to watch why I hate TDS and despite what people think this is (was :slight_smile: ) a fairly regular occurrence for me!



Also could I ask for the “Play Again” option to be on the left hand side rather than the right? As when on console I tend to mash the A (Xbox) /X (PS4) buttons alot to skip and play again xD

Check the top of known issues for a status of where the update is for your platform,

Hello,so when add Chinese language?

That belongs in the suggestions/feedback thread

We don’t have a specific timeframe but we are certainly working on it right now! It takes some time as it’s a very fantastic and big language. :slight_smile:

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My bad can delete it.

No need, just direct all your suggestions there :+1:

Oki poki (Y) lovely stuff can’t wait to see the new stuff in action :smiley:
Already experienced the mana drain immunity :smiley: ahhhhh I may be able to full return soon enough xD

I’m being a little ninja behind the scenes and these will keep updating, please bear with me. :slight_smile:


First Impression: I really like this update. Well done!

The troop refunds aren’t showing unless the button has moved?

I just killed one in the arena and got 4 gem keys, pretty awesome


Nice, congrats! :slight_smile: Got 5 diamonds from one.

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I love that someone looked at this game and decided, you know what this needs…even more types of currency.

Gold, Gems, Souls, Glory, Maps, 6 different types of keys, 7 kinds of jewels, 40 different kinds of traitstones, not to mention actual real money…now 9 types of orbs and a new key.


We can unlock Tier only with gems?

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knows when it will appear on ps4 or is it already there thanl