3.2.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)


I do not know what changed with the “reset” tonight but the LAG on PS4 is soo much worse now. Every single time you go into PvP after a match and try to go back out to the main map it is about 30x worse than it was previously. Something is broken :thinking:


Had to wait over 60 seconds for troop menu to load last night, and that’s happening a lot.


Yup. I’ve had the same issue. I know a couple other players on both PS4 and PC having the same problem.


I am still freeezing, i dont know why, they dont explain why, but this is fairly annoying D:


The “Winners” screen (“Guild” —> “Guild Wars” —> “Ranking” —> “Winners”) is broken for me on iOS.

I get one scrolling action, after which scrolling is disabled and my only option is to close that screen. The direction and length of the scroll do not matter. This is extremely repeatable for me, so I hope it is easily reproducible for others.


Im on ps4 and my daily loyalty rewards have been restting back to day 0 for the last two weeks after a new week starts. Even though I sign in once a day. I get up to day 6 then knocked back down to 0.


Same here, that’s starting to add up to quite a bit of lost gold with the 600% bonus we’re getting.


Here’s a bug. If you try to promote somebody more than once on the guild screen the whole game freezes and has to be restarted. And this is for Xbox One. Someone else go try it.


My gold bonus reset today and it happened to a few other guild members today as well from our discord chat so it appears it’s getting worse as more people are getting affected by this glitch now. The lag is still there as well yesterday was very bad on PS4 but we also had the “server degradation” pop up several times as well


I have this happen too, ps4. I always reset to do the 3rd promotion.


Just got another win counting as a loss in PvP I’m getting really sick of this crap now.


Does the network throw an error, or do you see the victory screen and then a red X at the Attack! menu?


It’s not GW just PvP. I haven’t had it happen in GW for a while luckily.


I’m not sure what is going on in the PS4 world but the delay when you leave ranked PvP to go back to the map after playing a few matches keeps getting worse and worse every day. It can take longer than 1 minute to exit the match screen and return to the map now!


Same on xbox


In regards to PVP and GW losses, these issues typically occur over dropped internet connections or old devices. Also, if you have the game open on another device this can happen with increasing frequency. (We don’t recommend having Gems of War open on two devices as when they both try to access the server it can cause a variety of problems.)

We are currently investigating the login bonus resetting.


In regards the treasure hunt extra turn bug:

Sharing this thread:

And these videos from it:

So in the treasure hunt player gets notified for an extra turn sometimes even when there is no real extra turn.

I think this hasn’t been an issue for a long time, maybe since the last update? I play (on PS4) treasure hunt a lot, but I don’t use sounds so I might not even notice this bug. So it has totally gone past me since I read that thread and started to take notice on it.


I thought this got fixed it’s has happened twice today on PC


There were two pushes of corrected troop data after the event started.


Has there been 2 more since then?