3.2.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)


Anyone else getting crazy lag when you check the battle log then try to check ranking?

Im on xbox


Ok, here you go.

Yes, curious if anyone else is experiencing this as I’ve noticed a ticket in support about this as well. When did this begin occurring? Does it happen each gameplay session after closing the game?

Check out this link I posted earlier.


I haven’t played treasure hunt in days because of headaches, but the few times I tried to back then, I got a similiar issue - the arrorw pointing up (gaining a turn) sometimes appeared during a 4-match, during which no turn should be added - and it indeed didn’t, just the arrow appeared.

It happened only rarely, but consistently rarely. I have no screenshot, nor can I provide one while TH is still all fireworks and bad background for me, but yeah, I think it happened maybe trice over the course of 12-15 maps or so? Guess my average is about 45 turns or so? Hard to say.

I never had the extra-turn thing described here, though. Also my tests were the 2-3 days after the particle update, so maybe that matter was fixed by now anyway.


Please fix the crazy lag on xbox when you do 4-5 pvp match and you want to get back to the wold map the game freeze during couple sec min. It also doing the same when you go in battle log by pressing “RB” button and then try to keep going to see ranking, and same thing in GW menu when you look at the remaining player for the day then try to come back in world map

This is doing exactly same then couple update ago when you wanted to switch a team and had to wait cause it’s was freeze


Xbox shop is weird only 2 tabs now and no more gems, this is what i get when i enter the shop


Re: Tresure Hunt mini game “extra turns”…

I first noticed the occurrence of “non extra turns” in the Treasure Hunt mini game after 3.2.5 was released.

It will occur each and every gameplay session, even after the game is closed and booted up again.


Does it happen with match 3s or any particular type of loot?

Can you clarify how long it lasts - no specific time? And do you mean after 4-5 PVP matches this happens?


@Nephilim Something I’ve just noticed on PS4 started late late night and now has just happened 2 more times again is the “Great Maw” is not devouring properly all the time. This has happened at least 3 times to me now (The Great Maw has been on my opponents team btw so it’s been a lucky glitch for me). I’ll try to find another opponent with Maw and than see if I can duplicate it and record it after which I’ll post it here so you can see it and take it back to your team to find out why it’s happening

Edit. Upon further testing it just appears that the AI is casting the “Devour” on Impervious troops :S No idea why it would do that - that seems to be something that should be fixed no?



Here is one example of delay on PS4. This is actually not a great example though as it’s only a brief delay and there have been far longer ones (and even freezes where I have to close the game and re-open the game again but I haven’t gotten those on video to share unfortunately)


@Cyrup Here is another one that shows a much longer delay. The video is straight from the PS4 to YouTube with no alteration other than myself “trimming” the video to the end where the delay can be seen


Yeah when i finish 3-4 pvp battles and try to come back to the world map the game seem to freeze 30sec-1min and then it goes back to the map

Also when i use RB to see the battle log then try to go in ranking menu, it does the same thing


Same on ps4. I think it’s better once you close the game and restart.


If someone could explain sol’zara to me I’d appreciate it. If the enemy has more life she’s supposed to do triple damage. Well are we talking about hp or armour and hp together? For some reason it’s not doing what the text describes. Either that or I’ve completely misunderstood it.


iOS, iPhone 6S Plus

Edge swipe zones (last row of gems on top and bottom) that pull the notifications or control centre have broken with the last patch. In any fullscreen iOS app there should always be pull tabs that appear whenever you swipe up or down before the notifications or control centre appear. Since the last patch they appear immediately, and this is incredibly frustrating because I have to pay attention to how much I swipe up or down on the topmost or bottommost rows.


I am still playing with my eyes closed most of the time. I agree those flashes are painful.


Loyalty bonus on xbox reset to day one, even though I restart the game multiple times throughout the day.


That wasn’t me that contacted support. Chat is closing properly but sometimes it still shows up on screen I think it only happens when chat doesn’t update properly and the messages on screen are from hours before.

I was testing out a new GW team in PvP and I won a long and annoying battle against a psion team but when I was clicking through the rewards screen I could still see the gold so I thought I didn’t get them all and when I checked my battle log it showed as a loss.

Wins counting as losses has been happening to me for over a year will it ever be fixed?


This happens to me almost daily. It happens occasionally when going from the map to the troops menu but it happens 6/10 times when I click edit team in the PvP and GW battle screen


Playing on PC.

Levelling up troops to raise kingdom power doesn’t reflect the +1 Kingdom Skill Bonus until the game is restarted.

After restarting the game: