3.2.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)


I haven’t seen that, but the last 2 days when I go to the Dungeon the defending team is using one of my banners (complete w team name). :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


PC too. it seems like the animation take their sweet time before allowing you to do actions.


Yup. Happens to me on occasion too.


On console once you’ve amassed a reasonable amount of blocked people in the global chat, you can’t unblock someone without unblocking everyone in your naughty list. Pressing square (ps4) just brings up the last person in chat’s profile. You also can’t scroll up and down the naughty list without going into the chat window settings above the list. It’s a complete mess.


Freezes seem to be getting worse on the PS4 now. Last night after playing an hour or so if I switched too many tabs and tried going into troops (say I tried shifting from chests or guild to troop as an example) the game would hard lock up and have to be force closed than re-opened. I played 4 hours last night and had to do this 3 times.


Fixed now!

Game lagging:
If you are experiencing the game lagging when switching to the World Map after using another menu, please answer the following:

  1. How often does it occur (e.g. every game-play session, occasionally) and when did it first begin?
  2. Your platform?
  3. How long is the lag?
  4. What exactly where you doing before the issue happened (e.g. won 4 PVP matches, exited and went to world map)
  5. Does it seem to happen most often after any particular gamemode/match?
  6. A video screen recording would be super helpful.

Have you tried changing channels, and please provide a screenshot?


Closing chat doesn’t stop it from appearing on my screen


I play on xbox1 & iPhone & I agree with this complaint. There is way to much going on in the battle animations! It’s hard to interpret if things (attacks/spells/traits bonuses) are being properly distributed. Truthfully all the animations, flashes, bright lights is like a rainbow farting unicorn that really does make the game intolerable for more than 20 battles. I have also seen these issues since the last update. A MAJOR LAG in the time it takes to load the troops page, MAJOR LAG when exiting the guild war page. The A.I. is also getting credited extra turn for 4 gem matches when it only matches 3, powering up mana when it doesn’t even match the troops mana color. Respawning formula is way out of wack example The Dragon Soul, my TDS may respawn 1 out of every 20x yet I have had to kill 12 TDS respawns in a single match. I also had a Sheggra on 2 different occasions wipe out my entire full health team simultaneously when it matched its 1st skull match. Nobody in my guild got bonus points in Guild Wars last week for having all unique troops. Guild Chat only displays the last thing posted majority of the time. I prefer the layout/format & overall gameplay of the game prior to this last update.


I’m trying to work out how to buy Bullroarer for the stated value of $0. No matter what I do, I can’t find a way to buy it except for the “discount” of $4.99. I think it’s very much worth the assessed $0 value and it seems misleading to try and sell it to me for $4.99 after claiming it has no worth.


Unfortunately this is a bug in the discount code where on certain platforms, it reports the price as cents (499), and other times in dollars (4.99). On iOS and Android, it was using dollars when it was expecting cents, so the discount value would be showing ~$17, but it is actually showing $0.17 (and being rounded down to $0) instead. This bug should be fixed in the next update.


My stuff still freezes, even from going from after a few pvp battles, or whatever I do, it freezes my tab of gems of war and its frustrating,

Simply just trying to go “Back” to the home screen, it locks up like this everytime, and everytime I go from lets say for an example, chests to home screen, or trying to switch tabs in pvp sometimes. etc.


When it comes to crashing, please let us know what device you are playing on. Sometimes these crashes happen more frequently on older devices, so this information will greatly help our team.


I find it is still freezing and sometimes crashing on PS4. The amount of time played consecutively seems to be a factor as the longer it play with out a break the more likely it is to freeze and than eventually crash (I’d say it was some sort of memory leak if I was on PC but not so sure on PS4).


Still some crashes on my iPhone 6+, fewer since the update.

The crashes haven’t bothered me because they never happen during a match, only when moving from one screen to another and at startup.

Since the update, the crashes are almost exclusively on startup. It usually takes me 2 tries to get in (but almost never 3).

I haven’t done anything stoopid with the graphics settings, however my iPhone battery is pretty far gone. I plan on taking advantage of Apple’s $29 battery replacement offer ASAP, I’ll report back after that if the issue persists.

PS-- Also I’m still back on iOS 9. Sad experience has turned me into a total Luddite when it comes to OS upgrades!


Ah, iOS OS updates :roll_eyes:
@Strawnyy and Lardy-Porker you can try all the steps in this article and let me know how it goes. If not, the previous questions I’ve asked here would be very helpful :+1:

If you just contacted support with the same question I think I answered. Please go here to learn how to close chat. You can adjust the ‘Chat fade’ using the green arrows if it won’t go away


Thanks but i don’t think this will help, i’m more on pc


Has anyone else noticed that in the Treasure Hunt mini game, you will sometimes get the “Extra Turn” notification, when in fact, no extra turn was actually made?

The turn counter remains, but “Extra Turn” is audible and will flash onscreen.

Console (Xbox One), here.

Oh, and unrelated: thank you for the in-game gift this morning (server issues). Considerate and generous to your player base, you all are. :grinning:


Ps4 version crashes 9/10 times if the game doesn’t connect to the global chat upon loading. When you press the touchpad and it asks you if you want to connect to global chat it almost always blue screen crashes.


I do see frequent crashes at startup on iOS but only at startup. 90% of the time if the game is opening, somewhere around the 50% mark it crashes. When I restart it it works fine. I haven’t really reported it or tried to diagnose because users are bad and it “wasn’t annoying enough” compared to just about everything else.


I also experience this behavior, except for the frequency of occurrence. For me it is about 10-20% of the time; not so frequent that I want to try using iOS’s new screen recording tool to try and capture a video. The point in loading at which the game crashes varies from 5% (the bar has barely started to fill, and the annoying Game Center banner is still on the screen) to nearly 50% as you said.

Almost always, immediately trying to launch the game again results in no issues. Consecutive crashes have happened once though, where a second crash occurred before I could finally get into the game.