3.2.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)


I also observe this, but since I am on an iPhone it’s nigh impossible for me to get a screenshot. Not sure what’s going on there.

Another rapid menu overlay (and/or screen flash) I see is when I select an opponent from the PVP choices. I would swear I used to see stars — like the kingdom power tab was there — before the opponent’s team loaded. But I can’t get it to happen consistently now.


On an iPhone (pre iPhone X) you can take a screenshot by holding the power button and pressing the center button. I don’t have any experience with an iPhone X so I can’t say how those work, but I imagine there’s equivalent functionality somewhere.


I think the problem is more that it would be nearly impossible to catch the flash at the instant that it happens. Much easier on console or steam if you can record a chunk of play then grab the relevant frame.


That is how you take a screenshot, but the time it takes to press that button combo is longer than the time those flashes exist on the screen. Maybe someone with three thumbs, or under the age of thirteen, could pull it off. But I, in my old age (low thirties), cannot.


Ah, that makes sense.


seriously snapping a flash to post would require more luck than judgement i think


I already did all my tasks for today so i can’t check it right now. I will check at reset and i will keep you posted.

I wish you a merry christmas and an happy new year


And if you dont mind a little french lesson, " battez " is just something you got from the internet. It exists as the plural of imperative mode, which is here misused.
Replaced it with “battre” and it will be correct.

Now lets look at the phrase and its meaning.

" Battez une unite 8 fois avec l’arme du heros" which translate in english

“Beat one unit 8 times with hero’s weapon”

My advice will be to change it to

“Battre 8 unites avec l’arme du hero” which translate in english

“Beat 8 units with hero’s weapon”


From what I remember reading, the devs don’t do their own translation work. Their publisher has a contractor for each language, and that person/people do the translation.


iOS 11 also introduced some really nifty screen recording functionality: https://www.macrumors.com/how-to/record-iphone-ipad-screen-ios-11/

It works great for me on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7.


In other forums, I would have responded with a single emoticon: :open_mouth:. Unfortunately, Discourse was designed by people unfamiliar with the virtue of brevity.


I too continue to get periods of excessive lag when switching screens, most notably coming out of GW, explore and PvP menus to the world map on android. I’ve had as high as 20 seconds or so in some cases but usually more like 10+ seconds. I haven’t tracked the frequency of it at this point but I’ve never had this issue before.


I confirm that the bug is gone.
Thank you.
Merry Christmas


pretty sure this is not supposed to happen when leviathan knocks the first enemy to the back. It happened his first cast too. Has never happened before. I’m on xbox.


If I have been doing PVP for a while I have had the screen freeze when I attempt to leave. Also, after playing the game in any way for a while it repeatedly freezes when trying to enter troops. I am on a iPad.


@Cyrup Screenshot as requested.
Apparently it is also fine after you go and collect your seals but I stand by my points: the error is not really necessary and if you do decide to throw an error, you should also reload the information without needing me to do anything other than retrying


PS4 ive noticed this occasionally. Selecting a troop to cast quickly after a move will not allow you to cast. Cancel then choose troop again and cast is available. Has anyone else noticed this? It’s always been smooth when farming quickly but this is very noticeable when it happens. Closing game and restarting seems to fix it.


I definitely noticed this and warned the guild. Weekly reset seemed to fix it though.


Noticed same thing on xbox. It’s not quite annoying enough to make me do a hard reset so not sure if restarting helps on my end.


I only really have that happen with Umberwolf and now Skadi


Anyone else having banner issues? I forgot when but ever since a small patch happened a day or two ago, I can’t see the banner images anymore.