⭐ [29/30] Hoguns Paladins - (Rank 55): only 1 req: 650,000 gold week


Hello my friends,

Hoguns Paladins is a great guild trying to stand out as a friendly, relaxing place yet get all task done and lots of legendaries. This guild will be perfect for end gamers or just anyone that has a lot of gold. The goal of this new guild is for anyone that doesn’t want to be required to do Weekly events, seals or a set amount of trophies.

The only requirement is 650,000 gold each week.
(this means each week all task will be completed and many legendaries as well)

Hoguns Paladins is one of three guilds in the Hoguns family so our discord channel will be lively with over 90 members. We have a very friendly, helpful and fun guild so this is another great perk. This also means if you are in Paladins and after a while you want to jump in to our Rank #11 guild you would have first dibs at any open spot.

Please, please, please join our discord server if you are interested in being in this guild. This really is a nice break from the grind and we hope you will join us.

Hoguns Paladins Discord server here: https://discord.gg/rrXmpB6

In the market for a new guild

You guys have a free slot now?


Hi @OriginalHQ! Yes, we have 1 free slot. Please come chat with us in Discord. Click here to join our Hoguns Paladins Discord server: https://discord.gg/rrXmpB6


Still Recruiting!

A wonderful upper level Guild with 1 very easy weekly requirement. Come join us - we joke around and have lots of fun!


Looking for a guild that is like a family and super fun???

Join Hoguns Paladins only minimum req is 650k gold :grin::grin::grin::grin:


I am very happy I discovered this guild. The people are great and very active. The discord chat is usually hopping and they have a website, where you can view your in game stats, that I love. If you are level 700ish or higher and fairly active, you will meet the requirements easily! Come play the game with a group of people that make it even more fun…


Are you a over level 700 and tired of doing GW, Raids or Invasions? Do you have a real life and don’t want to spend that much time in GoW, only if you want? 650k gold a week is no problem for you? Come and join the family :slight_smile: :slight_smile::slight_smile:


I was asked by Taran to post this gif here again because it’s a gif with bunnies and therefore awesome.
Yes, this guild is run by a GM who likes bunnies! It’s a bunny-friendly guild!
Besides all the other, awesome stuff we offer, that should totally seal the deal, right?

So yes, bunny-nose-BUMP time for the thread!:blush: Join the guild like the brown bunny joins the other two!


Thank you @Sheba. Bunny bumps are awesome. :smiley:


We got a bunny to rescue not too long ago! If you want to rescue bunnies, too (because they are indeed the best, Taran is a smart person!), you should join us and save more bunnies from the evil Merlantis troops. Bunnies hate getting wet, they need your assistance!:rabbit:
Also despite having no seal requirement, we hit 40k seals today, so it’s not like a TON of legendary tasks is all we have to offer.:wink:
But of course, the bunny-rescues are the important part!


This is a great no stress guild filled with very friendly and helpful people. Even with Invasions being optional we cleared stage 10 this week. If you hate raids, invasions or guild wars then this is the perfect guild.


Come and join a fun guild that gets all tasks and some legendary tasks with a requirement of 650k gold minimum


Join a highly active guild with only one req, and you get to join an amazingly supportive community too!


Bored of spending hours fighting the same team over and over again in raids or spending thousands of gems in invasions then join us. Our only requirement is 650k gold and that doesn’t take long to make.


Hi everyone, I’ve been in Hoguns for a year and a half and I’ve been in Hoguns Paladins since we started it. There were two goals when we created Paladins. The first was to build on our great Hoguns community and second was to give a place for players that want all task and many legendaries complete each week without any requirements on events, trophies or anything other than gold. We feel the helpful, friendly communication in our guild is what separates Hoguns Paladins from the rest. We have a well setup discord which helps you find the information you need in all aspects of the game but more importantly Hoguns and Hoguns Paladins recruits people that care about the game and others.

Hoguns Paladins is the perfect addition to Hoguns if you are looking for everything our sister guild can offer but without having to grind at parts of the game you do not enjoy. There are no requirements other then giving 650k gold so you don’t need to worry about GW’s, Invasions, Raid, or anything else that you might not like.

I’ve been in many guilds (before Hoguns and with my test accounts). I honestly can say after trying many others, there is no guild I’d rather be in then Hoguns. Please join us - if not for the in-game things we can offer but for the great community we have built.


I’m currently lvl 215 and play daily. I will always contribute 650k or more weekly along with 1500k seals, minimum 50+ trophies and participation in ALL events. :heart_eyes: Give me a chance to show you I can and I wont let you down!! :100:

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Sounds good @Xtr3m3gyrl22, please chat with us here: https://discord.gg/rrXmpB6
Looking forward to talking to you more about the position.


Hi everyone, thank you so much for your time and for the applicants. We are now full but if your still interested we would love to hear from you. Chat with us on discord if your interested in getting the next open slot. :slight_smile:


This is a really great guild. I’ve been in this guild for a long time and it is the best guild I have been in. Come join us. :smiley:

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Gobby opened his eyes from a dream that seemed unending disillusioned that he had been asleep from his travels for only a short while.
“It seems years had passed as I have slumbered.” He spoke aloud, all too aware of the absurdity of his thoughts…
“Somehow this world seems bigger. How can 2 years pass within a 5 hour slumber?” His spoken thoughts echoed amongst the trees. “Could this dream have been an omen? Of a future yet to come?” Gobby struggled to reason with his thoughts, a poor Nature Goblin with an affinity for Fire tried to make sense of a chaotic dream, one full of horsemen and the ancient High King Goblin Named Irongut. An ominous wind sent a chill down Gobby’s spine, some how he knew the horrors in these dreams would come to pass, and if Irongut made his return, wether he would give aid to Zaejis’s cause would be left unclear. Gobby knew he would need to seek aid from someone with a much better view of the future, but didn’t know where this person made his home.
As Gobby tried to recall from his visions a means to quell the oncoming calamity, he spied a piece of parchment that had appeared to dance as it was pushed along by a breeze.
“Hoguns seeks warriors to resist coming war.” Gobby read from the flyer then he remembered stories of a Guild of legend, what started as a group of misfits trying to turn the tide of a conflict long resolved has grown to a lead resistance warriors hellbent on leaving a mark on the world. In but a moment fragments of the dream came flooded into him. “I’m to aid Hoguns at the forefront of the coming war…” He knew he wasn’t quite ready to contribute so much to a struggle he was unprepared for. “…I remember… Legionnaires, Paladins, I can Grow there, and be ready when the time comes.” Gobby pondered for a moment knowing his task at hand was not yet complete. “I’ll do what needs to be done, and find strong fighters along the way to lend their aid to the cause. The plan is still to head to Adana to seek aid and guidance to quell Zaejin’s struggle with the Spire…” He resolved out loud. “I’ll save Zaejin, then seek out Hoguns to prepare for a greater War soon to come, and by then, I’ll have friends with me, and together, we’ll move mountains.”
And with that declaration Gobby gathered his gear and set out deeper into the forest of Pan’s Vale. He would accomplish his goals, and bring as many as he could to prepare for the war. Only time will tell who he would find along the way… perhaps just maybe… it’ll be YOU

(For those who need a reminder of how Gobby got here, here’s a refresher https://www.dropbox.com/s/vaxwz9ka1jt8fwx/BaDaBoom%20(Series%20I).docx?dl=0)

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