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Hoguns guild - Rank 15 - unlocks all 6 tasks, hits 40k+ seals and many legendaries each week. We’re looking for a top-tier player: if you have what it takes to be in Hoguns, we want to hear from you!




GOLD: 300,000 - Average member contribution is 900k+/week

SEALS: 1,500 - Hoguns hits 40k each week

TROPHIES: 150 - Average member contribution is 500+/week

COMMUNITY - Members are expected to be active on our Discord chat server checking in and communicating.

GUILD WARS - Hoguns does not require members to play daily but members should complete all matches by Sunday. Because of this requirement and being Hoguns is usually in GW Bracket #1 we ask all new members to be a minimum of level 500.


We are either one of the most casual of the hardcore guilds or one of the most hardcore of the casual guilds. Either way you slice it we believe that the best way to have fun is to kick ass and our record speaks for itself.

The benefits of membership in Hoguns are many and great:

  • Completing all task gives each guild member the maximum amount of task rewards which includes 590 Gems, 63 Gem keys, 360 glory, 396 Glory Keys, 42 Event Keys, 5900 souls, 670 Gold Keys, and 9 Maps.
  • In addition to the rewards given for completing all task, each guild member receives +2 Magic, +3 Attack, +8 Armor, +8 Life, +6% Tribute Chance, +50% XP, +6 Extra Map Turns, +10% Tribute Amount, +50% Soul Bonus, +2 Glory Bonus and 450% Daily Gold Bonus.
  • Completing several legendaries every week.
  • Guild Guardians will give an additional 131 points to Fire Mastery, 131 points to Water Mastery, 130 points to Nature Mastery, 131 points to Air Mastery, 130 points to Magic Mastery, and 130 points to Earth Mastery.
  • Our members use Discord to share teams, strategies, tactics, and more; talkers welcome!
  • We regularly survey our members to make sure they have an active voice in the direction the guild is heading.
  • We track player stats weekly and promote based on clear and concise guidelines.
  • We have members from over 15 different countries speaking over 10 different languages (all official guild communication is in English though so English comprehension is required).
  • Hoguns is a family and we look forward to adding a new active member to our family.
  • We love to help each other and are looking for other members who want to do the same.


  1. Make sure you can meet our weekly requirements; we understand sometimes life happens but failure to meet guild weekly requirements for new members is not cool.
  2. Join our Public Discord channel here: Hoguns Discord Server
  3. Send us a message on our Public Discord channel indicating the following:
    • Your average weekly donations for gold, seals and trophies
    • Your current level
    • If your kingdoms are all to level 10
    • Your invite code
    • Your favorite movie

Love the new logo! :smile_cat:


All positions have been filled. :slight_smile:

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If you enjoy working with a great team to enhance your experience with GOW please apply though Discord (see above for instructions). Looking forward to meeting you…

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Players be aware, Hoguns might hit your baby and steal their candy, and then blame it on some other guild!


All baby hitting, candy stealing rumors are unfounded hearsay. At Hoguns, we pride ourselves on two things:

  1. Not hitting babies
  2. The only candy we steal is M&M’s trophies!

But seriously, the amount of babies we don’t hit is, like, crazy high; also, we’re still looking for 1 new member to join us as we continue our rise into the top 25 guilds. See main post for details (here: Old recruitment post - being replaced) :smile_cat:

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Ok, that gif wins.


Great guild, fantastic group of people with lots of collaboration. If you’re looking for a group that’s consistently on the rise, finishes all regular tasks (and a couple legendaries) on the first day of the week, but still takes a laid back approach, we are the guild for you. :slight_smile:


Looking for a fun guild that doesn’t take themselves too seriously but still provides you with all the bonuses and extras GoW has to offer?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We currently have 1 opening and are taking applications on our Discord server (please see main post for details). :smile_cat:


We currently have 2 seats open. :smiley_cat:


Last slot filled… No seats available at this time.


I can deal with reqs. Please send invite to DAVE 89

Sorry, at this time there is no seats available. We will re-post when there are, however, all applications must be done through discord (see above add for instructions).

We currently have one seat open. :smile_cat:

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All seats are now filled.

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Hoguns now has one seat open… Please apply on discord. :slight_smile:


Come see what the fuss is all about! Top 10 in trophy output last week, with a fun relaxed atmosphere in our discord! 10/10 would join again!


Looking for one more member to join our great GoW family. Come say Hi on our Discord server. :slight_smile:

There are rumors Hoguns will have requirements to buy all the guild sentinels, and purchase guild keys - but only for new members!

I mean im just joking, but who knows :open_mouth:

No, @DonBoba you got your signals crossed. Hoguns never requires members to purchase any premium currency.