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We’re an old guild who’ve been around since the beginning. We prefer to keep things fun and casual while still helping each other out.

Goal #1: Have fun! Goal #2: Kick ass!

Each week Hoguns members receive at least:

  • 500 Gems
  • 4,900 Souls
  • 35 Event Keys
  • 50 Gem Keys
  • 680 Glory Keys
  • 670 Gold Keys

Guild Bonuses:

  • +25% Souls Bonus
  • +30% XP Bonus
  • +4% Tribute Chance Bonus
  • +6% Tribute Amount Bonus
  • +1 Bonus Glory (per match) Bonus
  • +4 Treasure Map Bonus Turns
  • +280% Guild gold bonus (Daily login bonus)
  • ~65 in all Guild Mastery Bonuses

Additionally, we generate:

  • 4 Guild Guardian Bonuses, giving all our members +2 Magic, +3 Attack & +8 Life
  • Averaging over 12 million+ gold/week
  • We’re hitting 40,000 seals a week for maximum Guild Chest


  • 250,000+ gold
  • 1500 seals
  • 100+ trophies
  • Actively communicate with the guild on our Discord server (details below)
  • Have your cities to level 10 (exceptions for recently added cities)
  • At least level 100

NOTE: Exceptions made for members first partial week, and we work around any member-in-good-standing’s schedule; we just ask that you try to let us know if you won’t be able to meet any of the reqs for the week. We’re not taskmasters; we’re all in this together!

While some of us are more talkative than others, effective communication is key to having a fun and well-oiled guild. Whether you’re the type to spend most of the day in chat or you just stop by every day or two to check in, it’s important that we’re all communicating with each other to ensure we’re working together to keep the guild and ourselves strong.

  • Join our guild’s Discord server - The Hogun Discord server allows us to all stay in contact even when in-game chat is down and allows us to have more specific conversations when the need arises. Instructions via in-game chat or PM if in- game chat is down

  • Be active in Guild Chat - We do 99% of our guild communication and announcements via Discord and it’s important that we hear from you so we know you’re in-the-loop with what’s going on in the guild and what we’re all working towards.

  • Language - English Language comprehension is required since that’s what all the official communication will be presented in however we have many members for whom English is not their native tongue. We are an inclusive guild so as long as you can understand and communicate, please don’t feel like your English has to be perfect. Heck many of us native English speaks still don’t have perfect English. :wink:
    We love to hear from all our members so don’t be afraid to stop by and say “Hi!” :slight_smile:


We’re a husband/wife team who have been playing Gems of War since the beginning. We’ve enjoyed watching GoW mature as a game and seeing the success of Hoguns and our members. Our goals are to keep Hoguns strong and active while staying out of the way of our members as much as possible. We review contributions each week and promote/demote/kick as necessary but do our best not to micromanage our members. Other than that, we’re just looking for some more great people to join the already great crew we have here in Hoguns :grinning:

If Hoguns sounds like the type of guild you’d enjoy being part of and think you’d be a good fit, please respond and let us know a little about you. Happy gaming!


Edit: Updated 10/4 - We are now rank 48 :slight_smile:
Updated 10/5 - Already 47th now! :smiley:
Updated 10/6 - And now 46th!!
Updated 10/7 - Only two seats left
Updated 10/8 - We’re now full
Updated 10/11 - 2 seats open and up to rank 43
Updated 10/18 - 41st place and 1 seat open
Updated 10/22 - 37th place and 4 seats open
Updated 10/26 - 36th place and 1 seat open

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Im in. Im a founding member of a top 20 guild in need of a new home. I will far exceed your requirements. inv code SAMJACKSONMODE

Awesome, @SamJacksonMode; invite sent and happy to have you. Let me know if you have any questions. :slight_smile:

Hi @ogunther,
I don’t have all cities at level 10 (6 to go) and I’m trying to level them up so it could be hard for me to contribute 100k gold per week.
If you are still interested in my person, my Invite code is LATASHA_1

Hi @Andrez_PL,

Thanks for the interest in our guild. How soon do you think you’d be able to get your cities to 10 so you could contribute the 100k/week?

Having a good crew is our most important criteria for the guild but we also have to be careful that everyone is contributing towards the common guild goals. :slight_smile:

Hi @ogunther,
I think it will take about 3 weeks. I will get back to you when I have all cities maxed.

Thanks, @Andrez_PL; that sounds great. :slight_smile:

Hi @AsuraSenjuu. That sounds great and glad to have you with us. Invite sent. :slight_smile:

Let us know if you have an questions!

Planning on leaving us already Latasha?

hey there. would love to join your guild.
level 275
all kingdoms are level 10
every week i get tier 1 in pvp and all my gold goes to guild (over 100k)
my invite code

Hi elhay123. Thanks for your interest in joining Hoguns; sounds like you’d be a great fit and we’d love to have you onboard. I’ve gone ahead and sent you an invite. Welcome to the guild! :slight_smile:

Hoguns has 3 seats available for anyone who wishes to join and can meet the requirements. Must have Gjallarhorn!* :wink:

*Gjallarhorn not required.

Hi ogunther,
I’m looking for a new (old) and active guild, so I would like to join yours :slight_smile:
My lvl is 220 and all kingdoms are lvl 10. I donate around 200k every week and i get minimum tier 1 in pvp. My invite code is EVILHOMER_1

That’s great to hear, @Dare. Invite sent. Welcome to the guild; we’re glad to have you. :slight_smile:

If you are still looking I am interested. I am still lower level but I play 10+ hours a day, extremely active. Can easily contribute 250/250/1500. Got around 375 trophys last week, and had 1500 seals in 2 days.

Kingdoms are all opened and will be to lvl 10 soon.

Hi, @Saluki. I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you but I never got a notification of your message even though I’ve been checking on mobile (maybe that was the problem). If you’re still looking for a guild, we’d love to have you. Just let me know when you’re ready for an invite and what your invite code it (I’m assuming “saluki” but if not, just let me know). Thanks! :slight_smile:

Sorry, some friends of mine got me into Intrim, and I dont think I could have done much better then them.

I appreciate the consideration.

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Hey congrats! I understand. Have fun at the top. :slight_smile:

I think i can do this requirements

Invite code ROSLYN_5

Hi @Alan, I tried to send you an invite but it says you’re already in a guild. If you’re still interested, just let me know once you’ve left your current guild and I’ll re-invite. :slight_smile: