[28/30] Sushi Bar: Casual Guild for Veterans! Play for FUN not WORK! NO Raid/Invasion Requirements! (PC/Mobile)

A long-time member has decided to retire from the game, so there’s a space open at the Sushi Bar for a level 1000+ End Gamer who wants to join a chilled out Guild.

All we ask is 100k Gold, 1k Seals and that you fight your Guild Wars Battles (you don’t even have to win them!)

So if you want to play for the enjoyment, rather than the grind, drop me a DM :slight_smile:

Just giving this a bump.

If you’re an End Gamer who wants to join a relaxed Guild with no requirements for Discord or Events, just drop me a DM and we’ll sign you up :slight_smile:

I had to kick a member who, despite our incredibly easy to achieve requirements of contributing 1000 Seals and 100k Gold a week and fighting 5 Guild Wars battles a day, couldn’t be bothered to even make that minimal effort :rage:

If you’re Level 1000+, send me a message.

A new member joins, a old member leaves, so there’s still a space for an End Gamer in a relaxed Guild that doesn’t demand the game take over your life…

We’re looking one new member who likes to fight Guild Wars, but doesn’t want to be forced to do endless other Event battles.

If you’re Level 1000+ and this sounds like you, drop me a DM…

WHY does someone join a Guild that CLEARLY states pretty much their only requirement is “Fight your Guild Wars Battles” and then NOT fight their GW battles…??? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

So another time-waster gets Kicked and there’s a free space at the Sushi Bar…

Several players who were unwilling to fight just five Guild Wars Battles each day have left or been kicked out, so we have space available in the Sushi Bar for End Gamers who want to join a nice, relaxed Guild that doesn’t require you to grind endless Events/ Journeys/ Whatever, let alone contribute millions in Gold…

So drop me a DM and we’ll look forward to seeing you :slight_smile:

Guild Wars week is coming up, so it’s time to give this a bump.

If you like doing GW, but don’t want to have to grind Event Targets etc, drop me a DM as we’ve got a couple of spaces available for Level 1000+ End Gamers…

Still one place available…

If you join a Guild whose only real requirement is to play 5 Guild Wars battles in a day every few weeks and then you don’t bother playing any of them, WHY???

Anyhow, I’ve just Kicked two people who couldn’t even be bothered to make that minimal amount of effort, so if you’re an End Gamer who would like to join a relaxed Guild with no grinding, drop me a DM.