[30/30] Sushi Bar: Casual Guild for Veterans ! Play for FUN not WORK ! NO Raid/Invasion Requirements ! (PC/Mobile)


We are a casual, family oriented guild of veteran players. We are one of the oldest casual guilds in GoW. Our guild philosophy is that GoW is a game, not a second job !

Because we have been around for so long, the guild leaders are mainly end-game players (I’m currently lvl 1350). We welcome veteran players who want to opt out of the grind of being in a competitive guild as well as mid-level players (level 800+) who have played a while and are looking for a nurturing environment to grow.

Our guild requirements are:

Seals: 1,000 per week
GW: 15 per week
Gold: whatever you can reasonably afford
Raids/Invasions: up to when it is no longer fun

Given our guild philosophy, we understand if you cannot meet the guild requirements for the week. All we need is for you to inform us what is going on with your life and when you will be back. As a guild, we value friendships more than seals, GW victories or gold.

As a guild we

1 Complete all guild tasks;
2 Complete 8 to 10 legendary tasks;
3 Close Portal 8 on Raid weeks;
4 Comple Stage 10 on Invasion weeks; and
5 Hit 40k seals.

Our guild rank is 182 and our GW bracket is 8.

Among our more experienced members, we stand at :

Lvl 1000+: 26 players
Lvl 800 to 999: 1 player

Given that we have no minimum gem spend for GW / Raid / Invasion, you can save between 200 to 300 gems per week in Sushi-Bar as compared to other competitive guilds with minimum gem spends. This translates to 1 extra mythic card from gem/vip chests every 3 to 4 months. This while getting all of the low-lying-fruit rewards that account for 90% of the rewards that you can get in a competitive high-pressure guild.

If you are interested to join, send me a pm with your invite code and I add you as soon as I can.


Bump it :slight_smile:

We current have room for 3 players. Looking especially for veteran players who are looking to chill and have a more relaxed GW experience. We also welcome newer players who are looking for experienced players to coach them on how to gather resources and build their decks.

We still have 3 spots open for players looking for a fun, relaxed guild.

Still looking for players to join our guild. Send me a pm if you are interested.

Looking for players who are looking for a relaxed, casual GOW experience. Veterans and new players welcome !

Hi, this sounds perfect for me. I recently dropped out of a more hard-core guild. I still enjoy the game and want to play on, but more casually. If you still have a space my invite code is butthurt

Welcome Butthurt! Hv sent u an invite.

We still have places open for players looking for a relaxed, casual GOW experience.

Are you a veteran player who is burnt out and looking for a place to chill? We have a place for you here at Sushi Bar ! Our culture is friendly without being intrusive. Play for fun and not for work !

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Sushi-Bar still looking for players. Join our fun, friendly and casual guild.

Hi. I would like to join your guild. Lv341 with over 1500 seals in the past few weeks.

Please invite me (RAMES_4CJE) if your guild still have spots.

Many thanks.

Welcome Rames ! We still have places. If you can leave your current guild, I can send you an invite.

Thanks and I’ve left my guild.

Invite sent ! Welcome !

We have places open for those looking to join our guild. Look forward to hearing from you!

We’re still searching for new active and friendly members.
We’re happy, that we we found already some new member in the past few weeks,
but it would be even better to see some more new motivated players :slight_smile:

Looking for players to join our guild. We welcome couples or families looking to join as a group. Hope to see you soon!

Sushi-Bar: Casual Guild for Veterans ! Play for FUN not WORK ! Rank 264 GW 24 ! Reqs: Lvl 200; Seals 1000; GW 15/wk.

We currently have 2 spots open. Looking forward to seeing you soon !