Husband & Wife looking for guild together GUILD FOUND

We would love to have you at Sushi-Bar ! We currently have 2 spots available for both you and your wife. We are a casual, family oriented guild. Our guild requirements are:

Seals: 1,000 per week
GW: 15 per week
Gold: whatever you can reasonably afford
Raids/Invasions: up to when it is no longer fun

As a guild we

1 Complete all guild tasks;
2 Complete 1 to 2 legendary tasks; and
3 Hit 40k seals on guild war weeks.

Our guild rank is 233 and our GW bracket is 9.

Among our more experienced members, we stand at :

Lvl 1000+: 16 players
Lvl 800 to 999: 4 players
Lvl 500 to 799: 4 players

For more info, you can check our recruitment thread:

If you are interested, send me a message and I can send you an invite.