[27/30] Sushi Bar: Casual Guild for Veterans! Play for FUN not WORK! NO Raid/Invasion Requirements! (PC/Mobile)

There are currently two free seats at the Sushi Bar for Level 1000+ Endgamers who don’t want to have to spend their every waking our playing GoW!

All you need to do is fight your GW battles on the day they are available (we can even suggest teams if you want) and contribute 100k Gold and 1000 Seals a week.

Anything else is entirely up to you, so if you want GoW without the grind, drop me a DM :+1:

Giving this a bump because a person joined the Guild before GW week, then proceeded to do nothing but take up a space that could have been used by someone who actually wanted to contribute.

WHY do people do that?? :rage:

Anyway, we have a free slot, so if you want to join and actually participate, please drop me a message :slightly_smiling_face:

I love doing guild wars

There’s still a seat open in the Sushi Bar for an End Gamer who wants to play at their own pace.

No Raids, no Invasions, no grinding targes, just fight your GW battles and contribue 1k Seals and 100k gold :+1:

Sounds boring

There’s a space opened up in the Sushi Bar as a player who joined a couple of weeks ago has done nothing, didn’t even say Hi in Guild Chat and just took up a space that could be used by someone else more usefully!

So if you an End Gamer who wants to join a casual guild without lots of targets to grind for, send me a DM and I’ll invite you :slight_smile:

Hello there!
I’m looking for casual (but active) guild and was wondering if you folks still have spot left?
I’m lvl.1141 atm, playing whenever I have time.

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Yes, we have a space, you’re welcome to join :slight_smile:

Please DM me your Invite code and I’ll sort it out.

PS you’ll need to leave your existing Guild (if you’re in one) so I can invite you.

One of our players has decided to leave the game, so there’s an open spot at the Sushi Bar.

If you want to play for the enjoyment, rather than the grind, all we ask is you fight your GW battles (just 5 fights a day for 6 days every few weeks) and donate 100k gold and 1000 Seals.

Everything else is up to you :+1:

I’m an Xbox player but I wanted to say that your guild name made me hungry

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One more space has opened up at the Sushi Bar.

So if you’re a level 1000+ End Gamer who will fight your Guild Wars battles and donate 1000 Seals and 100k Gold, but doesn’t want to grind endless targets, drop me a DM :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s still a couple of free spaces available at the Sushi Bar if you’re Level 1000+ and want to join a relaxed Guild without the grind.

Drop me a DM if you’re interested…

One spot has been taken, but there’s still a space in the Sushi Bar if you want to play Guild Wars, however not grind loads of other stuff every week.

We’ve got an open space at the Sushi Bar for you if you’re Level 1000+ but don’t want to spend hours trying to reach tiresome targets.

Just contribute 1000 Seals and 100k Gold and fight all your GW battles and you can do whatever you want with the rest of your time :+1:

Drop me a DM if you’re interested.

Just giving this a bump as there’s still a stool free in the Sushi Bar for an Endgame Player who wants to play the game for their own enjoyment without feeling pressured to chip in loads of Gold or Trophies or play endless Event battles.

As long as you contribute 100k Gold and 1000 Seals, your time is your own (except on Guild Wars weeks where you’ll need to fight just five extra battles a day)

Send me a DM if you think this would suit you.

Any Level 1000+ players looking for a non-stressful Guild where you can play at your own pace?

Drop me a DM…

Good luck finding some :wink:

Hope you doing well.

You could always come back… :wink:

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Thank you,
but no, thank you.
But I’m glad you managed to hold the fun up there.

Greets to the guildies and good luck finding someone who fits in.

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A recently joined member suddenly vanished from the Guild, so we have a place available for a long-time player who wants to take things easy.

GW battles and 1K seals (plus 100k Gold) is all we ask. The rest of your time is your own.

Drop me a DM if you’re interested.