#21 Nemesis looking for quality dedicated players

Hello everyone,
We are transitioning from a casual to a competitive guild and want you to be a part of it. If you are a dedicated player and are looking for a great group, we are the group for you. We have two groups for our players, Majors and Colonels. As a Major you are required to earn 250 trophies per week as well donate 350k per week. Colonels are required to earn 350 trophies in a week and donate 500k. All players are encouraged to do more than the minimum. Our main goal is to find people who can help us get up the leader board. If you can help us achieve this goal we want you on our team. If you are interested please contact our owner San (PSN: santandrix) or myself (PSN: jrmksc8716. We look forward to adding you to our great team!


Sounds great for you. I’m glad you finally found a good place to be. Good luck

lol, he quit so don’t let him fool you.

I left along with 2 other people. Just going to my job and keep to myself
because people talk stuff. I’m not going say anything just play and do my
best. People do not know me but they make fun and hurt people. I am not a
bad guy and got ripped apart on global chat. Those who know me know the
real me. I did not appreciate it but respect opinions. People do not have
to like me or my decisions within the game but get to know me before
assassinating my character. It’s easy to judge and I deserve the criticism
to a point. I just want people to see the real Jeremy not GOWKING30. Thanks
Ger much love buddy

Jeremy Ricca

hey man, if it would have went a different way i would of had more respect but it seems all the same every where you go, but it is just a game and i am sure you are a good person, good luck to you.hope you the best. joe

It kills me to know people hate me

no hate here, good thing i was recruiting already

I wear my heart on my sleeve so yeah it is difficult to see of the things people say

sorry that there can be only one guild leader

Didn’t want to be leader

In ANOTHER guild now. Unbelievable.

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I am happy here

Jeremy Ricca

You can sit there and make fun of it all you want at the end of the day I
still have respect for you always have always will you were the one that
decided to block me I didn’t. I hope all is well

Jeremy Ricca

This is like a really bad soap opera and that’s a compliment.

Take this s&it to messages.

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I am done with this bs. I am happy with my guild and they are happy with
me. People need to worry about themselves and their guild and not what I
do. I am not going to see any of you in real life so quit worrying about
what decisions I make on A GAME.

Jeremy Ricca

Just removed this stupid post Jeremy thx

You didn’t have to

Jeremy Ricca

Plz take this down so my thread can stay at the top, thx

Cannot be deleted