** Nemesis ** PS4 Guild ** Ranked 11th, Bracket 1 guild wars, Chill and competitive 30/30 All tasks weekly, very active group!


Are you aiming for the top, but need a laid back guild, so you can still enjoy life and play this game to unwind? And with some very awesome people while at it? Well look no further.
We are very focused on guild wars and want to hit 1st one day but don’t really force you to play that much either. As long as you put your best effort in and try your best at winning wars, you’ll be a great fit.

We just a few rules to follow weekly to keep us up at the top.

Weekly requirements:
All players get a minimum of 150 trophies, $400,000 , and all seals by Sunday.
Guild wars are not required daily but at least by the end of the week.
Sentinels at least to 2 or up.
40 k points minimum in guild wars weekly.
Must set 24 different troops for defense.

Benefits to you:
All tasks completed Mondays
Guild level 557
556,000 trophies
Grand master 4 bonus
Multiple legendary tasks weekly
All statues 120 and up

If u need time off we understand, and can handle it, just tell me in advance so we know you didn’t just quit on us, thanks!

We use a group msg on PS4 and a community as well. Communication is our key to success!

Kicks are rare but if needed they are on mondays. I’ll pm the person first and chat, too see what’s going on. They hardly happen. But they do.

We work with other guilds so I can send them elsewhere if they need a casual guild, I try not to burn any bridges.

Thank you for reading and if you like what you see contact me here, or on ps4, santandrix on both.


1 spot has opened up, get in now before guild wars returns!All tasks done Monday! Get in before then. Last chance to get in before wars.


i’d like to join. active player looking for a guild to join


One spot has opened up!!


Just in case the spot has not been filled yet. Bump.


Can anyone from nemesis, post scoring topic in our community or group message. Thanks. Not all of them check here.


Done brudda


Spot is open now,



Spot is open bump.
Where are all the free agents at on PS4?


1 spot has opened up, immediate availability, get in now for guild war rewards!!!’

Bump it up



Hey everyone this is an awesome group! We have one spot open for the first gangsta who wants it! But act now because supplies are limited and once they are gone… Theyre gone baby!


1 spot open, lost another top player to a top guild, big shoes to fill. But I’ll give anyone a chance if they are up to it. 500 or higher preferably






We are full again, very quick turn around here!


Thats because we are gangstas!


We are looking for a seriuos player, hit us up if we are right for you. Got it sorta out, maybe next week.


possibly a spot tomorrow, hit me up with your stats, pm please.



Hey everyone in nemesis, ppl are losing to vjm in guild wars so please set a easy defense so they can win.

Nothing like a bunch of whiners and poor sports!

Thanks crew and keep up the great work!!
Remember no vjm!!

To all my haters are you happy now?

I told them a million times, now keep crying!


Yo @Santandrix we all fight vjm every day and i for one dont have the cards for any other viable GW def yet so mine aint changing…

Also i dont think making GW easy is in “the spirit of the game™”


I better just set a one troop defense. Just give it to them.