2 things for a better user experience?

there are two little tweakw to do (i think) to make the game even more simple and user friendly:

An icon appears when a troop can be upgrade. A star appears when location can be upgrade…Why we need to check one by one all our location to see if we are the right number of scrolls to update them? Maybe a little icon on the map view can help us?

Troops are specific to a team. Jobs are specific to a team. Weapons are specific to a team…Why the pets are not? We need to change every time we change team, an personnaly, I always forget to do it…

But beyond that, your teams are doing a great job, and the game evolves from year to year, getting better and better! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: :+1:

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Pet bonuses are always active.
When you see them under team bonuses it’s because of the troops you’re using. Equipping the pet to your avatar is purely cosmetic and does not alter your bonuses what so ever.


An indicator for both level and power level on upgradeable kingdoms would be cool.
I shudder to think how often and much time I spend checking whether I have enough traitstones to upgrade X troops for each kingdom.

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Not always just cosmetic: Puddling, just a pinch between my cheek and gums, and I feel ready to take on the Warrens.

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