2 Players (240+ & 170+) LF TOP 250 Guild

Heya - we´re looking for a growing TOP 250 Guild with active players.

We can offer a tribute in amount of 300+ trophies and about 100k+ gold (200k+ as soon as we have all kingdoms at 10)

Marc Lvl 240 (inv.code: MARC_60)

TessoR Lvl 175 (inv.code: TESSOR)

We are very active and ambitiously players and we want to help to improve the guild.

Please give us some info about your guild (f/e name, gold bonus, active players, maybe goals)

Currently we are in a guild - but we will leave as soon we receive a reasonable offer :slight_smile:

Check out Morbid Intent. We should be 250 within a week or two. Currently one spot open but with our 7 day active policy we take in 1-2 every week. There is a post with guild facts updated.

ok we checked the guild facts, but since we dont have our kingdoms at 10 we can´t spend that much money, because we will do easy 350-500 trophies each week… so thx for your offer, but its not possible at the moment. in a few weeks np ^^

We have no contribution requirements. Its just to decide tier within guild. Sorry if that was unclear.
A player that contributes 10000 gold will be valued as if contributed 10 trophies. So 100 trophies and 50k gold for example will count as 150 points. The players with most points I move up to tier 2 etc…

oh ok, we misunderstood that :smiley: so you have 1 free space at the moment right? then i will leave my current guild and you can invite me. marc will wait until the next space is free :slight_smile:

Great! Ill go 2 game