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2 active daily players looking for a good guild (CLOSED - WITH NEW GUILD)

Wife & Hubby team looking for a friendly guild that reaches 40k seals on a regular to semi regular basis.
We are levels 656 & 793, have all kingdoms @ 10.
We regularly donate 300-400k gold, 1300-1500 seals, 100-150 trophies and both participate in GW regularly.
If these averages sound something like your minimum contributions per week please send us an invite.
Please note we will only join If you can take us both on-board at the same time.
Invite codes are

P.S Just an FYI we are from Australia so our play times may be a little different from yours.

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my guild family The Unholy Family may have some spots open

The Unholy Family is in need of some fresh souls, we are comprised of 3 guilds for various levels of play for pc/Mobil, we offer a great environment for all levels of play from beginner to end game, we have several spots open with very reasonable requirements that vary by guild, please stop by our discord and say hello
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