Need New Guild ASAP

Hi I’m looking for a New Guild. My old Guild is going to shut down.
I am looking for an active guild that can gain plenty of resources and have very active members.
I’m lvl 839 I play everyday. I have all kingdoms leveled. I do GW/Invasions/Raid weekly. Last would requirements I was able to meet. 500k, 1500 seals, 200 trophies. I am willing to join a guild with close to the same requirements.
Invite code is


Hi! We at Mean Machine are looking for a new member! We are currently rank 36, I believe. We have a great group of folks who work together to complete everything. We complete all tasks on Monday and typically complete 10-12 legendary tasks. Our current reqs are 500k gold, 1300 seals, 100 trophies, and active participation in events. Let me know if you are interested and we can send you an invite!

If your still looking let me know. I recently took over as GM for Dark Avengers on PC. Our requirements are 100k gold, 1000 seals 100 trophies by Sunday and 100 towers inv , 5000 score raid , 30k gw minimums. We normally finish approximately 10 legendary tasks per week.**

Thanks but I found a Guild. If they don’t work out. I will check back. :+1:t5::blush:

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Hello @Ksewell if you are still looking…

The Unholy Family [TUF] is a GoW Superguild currently composed of four active squads. We are a dedicated community of players and always seeking new members and prospects!

Our guilds are: #4 Unrepentant (Diamond tier - All-around competitive), Abaddon (Platinum tier - GW casual), Power Gems (Gem tier - GW Bracket 1) and Purgatory (Gold tier - Active growth).

Please join our Discord community to find out more… good luck!

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