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110 LT - Missing Rewards

Many members in our Guild are missing mail/Rewards from a recent donation of 110 Million.

One of our players submitted 100Million immediately after another donated 10Million.

I believe our entire guild is effected by this. @Kafka What is the best way to go about resolving this considering a small group is involved.


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By never doing this again lol.

Congratz on the big drop but it seems that someone will always miss out.

Good luck on getting this resolved and lets hope they do more than just say sorry, there is nothing we can do. :+1::crossed_fingers:


Mail boxes can only hold 50 at a time.
Other guilds on PC/mobile only do 20-30 LT a day during their 100 LT weeks to prevent folks from missing out on them.

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Mailboxes hold 100 now.


Yeah that is my understanding as well,
Plus the 4 Daily items takes up a slot as well. I know another player that was able to collect the 10 initial, but then only had 96 LTs I’m assuming the 4 daily “rewards” deleted his LTs. I’m fairly sure I personally missed out on 14 of them.

100 is a super impressive feat for 1 player considering he has been throwing in around 1-2M every week for months.

I am 100% certain the back end has a database with logs. So the developers could look at mail deleted and NOT Collected for the 29/30 members of our Guild. By resending the uncollected mail messages for the last 24 hours in a day or two, just to make sure everyone clears their box first.

To any Dev/Support This 110 LT drop occurred this morning.

Sure, I know most people think 100% of the player base is on the forums, but actual reality is far, far different. You may know, and I knew immediately, but talking to a few Guildmates, and half a dozen players in other guilds, and 3 GMs from top Guilds today NO ONE else was aware of the limit.

One player that joined the party late even incorrectly assumed he got everything, I’m sure it was because he didn’t know about the limit. But he has posted from time here on this very forum.


Thank you, @Strat - for starting this dialogue. I am among those affected - @Kafka or @Saltypatra or @Cyrup many of us were formerly guild members in A&A and participated in this gold drive for LT’s for the new mythic release on Friday. Please help make this right for all of the members of Heaven’s Gate who’ve been affected? I opened the following support ticket: REQUEST #64650 MISSING GUILD LEGENDARY TASK REWARDS DUE TO MAILBOX LIMIT

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Derek House Today at 21:35

My guild had a massive donation drive to legendary tasks on Friday, August 3, and there are many players, including myself, who were unable to redeem a number of legendary tasks that were completed with over 120million gold contributed by guildmates for the new mythic draw.

We all are short, at least, please confirm, I may be undershooting it, but 14 Legendary Tasks. (110, -100mailcap(is it actually this much mail allowed), -4 daily mail)

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I’ve been on this forum many times and actively have worked with @Cyrup @Kafka and @Saltypatra on numerous occasions but never knew of the 100 mail inbox limit. It’s not common knowledge.

Many members of our guild who actively contribute to the Gems community had no idea of this rule or we would have warned our members to stagger the donations.

Help, devs. Please. I can’t handle another disappointment from IP2 or 505 on this one. Not after all that’s taken place in recent history. Hoping you’ll respond despite being out of the office for the weekend in Melbourne time with at least an acknowledgement of where we fall as far as priorities for your team are concerned, knowing this is affecting a 30-player guild.

Sincere thanks,

  • Derek, aka Aurora Borealis on XB1
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They’ll respond and most likely take care of things when they get back to the office on their Monday, but not a moment sooner


Salty (or was it Cyrup) has stated she gets on from time to time during the weekend just to keep an eye out, but it’s as you said, they’re on their weekend, so nothing will be done until Monday most likely. <–Understandable.

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I’d rather know they’re getting weekends and enjoying full luxuries of Australian work culture. That’s said in all seriousness. We’ll see them when they get back in the office, but if they happen to skim forums like they are known to do on occasion, a simple acknowledgment of having seen this would be appreciated.

I think they get me by now. I dunno. :smiley:

Hello, thanks for your report. We can check the data/logs of your account to see what went wrong so don’t worry too much - these will still be available.

We’ll take a look at the cases and get back to you on (one of) the tickets.


Thank you very much! More than likely this limit cut the rewards of 29 players in our Guild. The 1 that donated 100 Million “probably” collected them all. As I put in my ticket please use my Guild information to look at all my Guildmates too.