How many items does the mailbox hold?


I’m sure it has been said before and not really wanting to search for it so can anyone confirm for me how many items the mailbox can hold?

Much appreciated and thank you.


It used to be 50 max @Santandrix. To my knowledge it’s still this amount.


Thank you @Macawi. I was thinking 50 as well.


I think it has been increased after one of our members lost some rewards because his mailbox was full. But I am not sure what the max is.


Maybe we could have confirmation from the devs on what the max is currently?

@Cyrup @Saltypatra :wink:


The maximum the game can feasibly hold is 100. However, in Collected mail you can only see the last 30 Collected mails, so if you’ve Collected All and you how more than 30 you won’t be able to see all the stuff you got (but you’ll still get it!)

110 LT - Missing Rewards