Max Number of Mail you can recieve?

Is there a max number of mail you can get in your mailbox ?

We had a player only get 50 LTz in his mailbox. There should have been like 70


This is incorrect. The actual maximum is 50. Here is a quote from a developer confirming this.

@Chocky, you appeared in the thread I am quoting reporting a different figure (also supposedly confirmed), so I assume you know the truth and are deliberately lying to people. Please stop.


@Stan if i wasnt out of like i would give you one so in leu of that here ya go…


I know its not ideal, but for now you might want to institute a Guild policy of 15 LT per day. This would give everyone in the Guild 3 days to collect them (assuming a few other normal messages get sent to their mail box). Or you could do 20 LT per day giving players 2 days to collect before they rollout.

Just something to consider if the developers don’t bump up the mailbox limit.

Now of course vacationers will miss a some of the LTs when trying to collect, but they also miss other things too soo unfortunately its the cost of taking a break from Gems😉

Were on a scheduale , but had one guy not collect hos. trying to help him :sunglasses:

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That is what we are doing.
When we make a big “LT week”, we are preparing a schedule to spread the contributions over the week. And it is working rather well, butuUnfortunately one of our members has not been able to log in on Monday and missed part of the mails.
50 is not enough.

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