Mailbox limitation?

I couldn’t find any information on the maximum number of entries permitted in the Mailbox.

We have a few players unable to log in for some days, and currently have 36 legendary tasks complete, is it 50, or 100?

Thank you.

Is 1024 maximum

That would be enough indeed

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Hey @The_Unforgiven,

Just to give the official correct answer, the limit on mail is currently 50 items.


Hey there rob.
Sorry to invade your topic. I just wanted to make sure you knew I was a thief by the name of Tyrannical. Don’t upset Queen.

@GoldPhoenix0 what happens if you have more than 50 in your inbox waiting to be collected? We did 60 legendary tasks today. So if they had not been checking regularly are they missing 10 of those then?

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I think we need to bump it up higher or you guys need to slow down. Geez 60.

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There is more coming too.

Out of curiosity what’s gained by doing 60-70ish all in one single day rather than space them out? Are you hoping to get a random Mythic and that Mythic be the 1:14 new one?

Last time we did this the guild got Ketras The Bull

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It would suck for the guild to get the new mythic and then have someone miss it because there were too many legendary task notices in their mailbox. Not that I’d feel TOO sorry for you.

Hopefully it would drop the oldest ones first and the rest of you could stop spamming legendaries once you hit the Mythic.

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Up to 85 legendary tasks for the week currently I’m told.

We haven’t received a Mythic from the last 650-750 tasks.

In the same boat give or take. Hard to say how many as i don’t keep track but its been about 8 months.

I can’t remember if the drop rate was supposed to be 1 in 100, or 1 in 1000. It’s never much mattered to me, though I did get a 4th Plague while I was in Guild of Gra last year…