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Mail-box limit and you

Hi all! Just a quick reminder or message to inform you that the maximum amount of mail you can hold in your inbox is currently 100.

The team plans to introduce some methods to help you if you’re about to go over this, for example, there may be a warning pop-up if you’re about to donate too many Legendary Tasks, and they’re considering combining some Mail to avoid missing any, among other considerations.

In the mean-time, please work with your Guild to avoid overflowing the :mailbox:

Happy Friday. :gem:

*sorry about the title, needed 10 characters!


awesome glad to hear this

I’m curious which guild fills 100 legendary task on a single day?!


You must’ve missed a few recent threads. :wink:


Where I can read those treads?


First world problems :joy:


Maybe you could group some mails into a single mail like you do with the guild tasks. “Your guild has completed a number of tasks…”

For example:


I’m glad for another QOL being added. Right now 4.0 seems like quite the legendary task for you guys. Hope you guys don’t run out of Raid and bug bombs :grin:


I hope the dev team has room in their mailbox for the rewards from said task.

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TUF: Unrepentant did :wink:


I mentioned that in the original post, I believe, sorry it was a bit hasty and unclear - but yes, the team plans to combine the mail for the Legendary Tasks when they are completed in excess. :slight_smile: Unfortunately, Troops from Legendary Tasks will have to be mailed seperately due to technical limitations.

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I don’t know if this is a callout so I will just say it was our Xbox one guild.

I hear if it’s a compliment then it’s ok to say Heavens Gate is the Guild.

One of our members who exceeds Guild minimums every week. (in case anyone thinks he wasn’t doing his share while saving up gold)

Behemoth is the guild member who donated enough for 100 legendary task. I have hence forth been referring to him as Beasthemoth.


I like the idea of each troop being a separate message. Would hate for a less desirable troop to get displayed in front of something highly sought after.

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Well, i can only do one thing - that is to congratulate.

I’m playing this very game for two or more years, but I’ve never thought of 100 MILLIONS of excess gold.

You guys rock. Well done. :muscle:

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