1 thing i been wanting for a long time


Ever since day one i have wanted to know how much mana it takes to fill up any given troop type when i am at the troop selection screens. Even after this big new update on xbox one why doesnt it show that it takes 6 green mana to fill a goblin? How much mana it takes to fill a troop is a major factor on the value of a card. This is one of the main factors why i dont experiment as much with troops since i have to look on the website to find out this info. Please consider giving this info on troop selection screens. Im not sure i understay why it wouldnt be the most important info on a troop card. thanks love the game.


You have to enable it in the options. It’s baffling why it isn’t on by default but there you go


It’s not on by default because the designer felt it added to much to the learning curve for new players. They have spoken about it before.


I dont see it in options menu on xbox one. I just see puzzle hint and detailed help which are both checked. Is this just a pc option?


Puzzle hint is the options that turns on mana information. Not a logical name for it but it will show mana for every troop.


I loaded up a game to test it. It looks like the option your talking about only applies to after your in a game and you already created your team. My suggestion is refering to as your selecting troops to make a team. Sure you can make a team, go into battle, and write down how much mana it takes to fill the card for next time but why not display how much mana under the troops button as you edit teams. This avoids starting up a battle and then retreating after you get the info.


It applies generally to everything until you disable it again. Even in the team selection.


i cant get it to work in team selection