1.0.8 - Please Show the Main Card First Again (Not The Spell Card)


Dear GoW devs,

Sorry for making this specific feedback a separate thread, but this is neither a tech issue nor feature improvement suggestion, I didn’t see this mentioned in any of the many other 1.0.8 threads, and the Likes & Dislikes thread is more of a general discussion than what the name implies, so I’d rather not post there.

This may seem like a little thing compared to all the huge changes and new stuff the patch has introduced, but this is a little thing that mildly annoys me multiple times in every single battle since 1.0.8 was released, so I really need to point it out.

I strongly dislike the choice you made to change the card that appears first when clicking on a troop or hero. It was perfectly fine and it made total sense to me the way it was before. It used to be that you saw the Main Card first, and then you had another tab to check the spell (and more stats such as Magic level). Now, it’s the Spell card first, and the Main Card has become an optional tab just like the new Trait Card. And this is true not just in the battle screen, but even when checking your own troops in any other screen as well. :confused:

If I click on a troop, I want to have a better look at its stats, first and foremost; I’m familiar enough with them that I’m not usually wondering what their spell does, or at least it’s not the first thing I want to see. If I click on the opposing hero, I always want to check the player’s level, first and foremost. If they happen to use mana colors that could be several different weapons, I’ll also click on the secondary tab to double-check, but the way it is now, I have to go to a secondary tab every single time to get primary info. When I’m in my own Troop screen, this interface is even less helpful: I click on a troop to check their Main Card, almost exclusively. Secondary info belong on a secondary tab.

Could you please either change it back to the way it was before, with the Main Card as the main tab, and the Spell Card and Trait Card as secondary tabs?

Alternatively, in case I’m in the minority and most other players love to see the spell tab rather than the primary info when clicking on a card, could you give us the choice somewhere in the Settings?

Many thanks in advance for your consideration on this.

I’d also like to add, as I haven’t done so yet in any previous posts since the release, that despite some concerns and issues, I really like the depth this patch has added to the game overall, and I appreciate your efforts to keep the game alive and evolving.

Best regards,


You’re not alone, this has been bugging me too.


I so totally agree! :slight_smile:


Interesting feedback, thanks guys.
We’ll consider that.
The theory was that you could see the skill values on the small version of the card, so taking you to the spell card shows the thing you most likely want to know (especially as a new player) - what does its spell do.


can it be made configurable so we can choose how we want to view the card? Please i want configurable card viewing in the options menu.


Interesting idea - but on reflection I’m not subscribing that to that one either. The thing I most want to know is what it card is it - and the card with the unit’s name and image on it should (to me, at least) clearly come first. The remaining pages are then supporting information.

I wholeheartedly agree with @LegendMaker’s opening post, and would love to see it changed back - or a setting to make it optional.

To me, the troop card should read like a book - and the name and art should be on the front cover.


If I can piggyback on this thread, is there a way to display where all the bonuses come from again? In 1.0.7, it displayed the team bonuses from troop type and kingdom. Now that we have ascended bonuses too, all of the notes on this stuff in the troop display is gone. I rather liked that display, as it was helpful in both understanding why that goblin was so crazy, and how I might build a team around it. Now we have to guess if we don’t know? Perhaps there is not room in the troop display for all of that, but at least I’d still like to see the bonuses we had last patch.


I was going to say the thing I want to know most is ‘what stats does this have now, I just changed them’ - otherwise I know on sight.


I agree, it seems backwards to me now.


Not much to add, other than my complete support for Legend and Mith’s suggestions. I was actually considering making a post about getting the bonus source back myself. If it could also include global kingdom bonuses that would be awesome.



Thank you all for the support, much appreciated.

+1, thank you!

I can see how this could be more useful for newer or more casual players. Having said that, it probably depends on the type device used, screen size and resolution, and other factors. In my case, I tend to play in a fairly small window in the corner while watching a video on the rest of the screen, so it’s not really practical to read stats on the tiny version of the cards. I can’t imagine this would be easy for mobile users either.

Thanks for the +1. I actually suggested exactly that in my OP. :wink:


There’s enough room on the screne to just show all 3 card faces (picture, spell, and trait) so why not just show them all and not stack them oddly like they are?


sorry been tired with all these pvp matches…and reading


i thought it was gone too, but when you move to the main image of the card (the 2nd card now) - it will show up…

Hey devs - my suggestion is to put it on all the cards so that it always shows.