Zero Respect for Players Time

Your words mean nothing devs. Your actions say everything.

Releasing a Delve that requires 5 rooms to complete shows how much you value players time. No one on your staff even has time to complete 5 rooms yet you expect your players to complete 125 at a minimum. And that’s on top of all the extra junk that is required to keep up with the game.

You’re losing players in troves. Most will claim it’s due to every update coming with a financial price. I believe it’s due to the time price. Please spare me all the rhetoric about “doing all the features is a choice”. Yes that’s true and too many are choosing not to play Gems of War at all rather than settle for keeping up a little, but not with everything.

This is truly maddening that even now you’re making design choices like this. But at this point it’s like being upset with a child. Can’t blame you for not knowing any better. Clearly as a community we have failed to teach you right from wrong. For that, I’m sorry.


I’d say it is a mix of both.

a) Clearly the blatant disrespect due to the absurdly high pricings of almost everything ingame. This is not at all because all players are “cheap”. If I may use myself as example I have plenty money lying around in old steam items and wouldn’t have to worry at all. I could easily sell certain items and just buy buy buy, but if the pricing is just absurdly high with no real value whatsoever then I just don’t see the point. Pride and residual sanity prevent me from being stupid. If the prices would be fair and moderate and also the overall support would work better - I suspect more people would actually buy certain stuff.

b) The more-and-more time consuming events, also especially if there’s restrictions so you can only play a certain amount of stuff daily, but you need to nearly play daily to finish all event rewards. This is just “player-unfriendly” and while I understand the concept of you trying to trap the players to a daily playing routine you may actually lose some interested players over time because of such restrictions and those players not succeeding. Just give the players the options to complete stuff at day1 of release if they desire to, without extra costs. And provide a fair timeframe for players that like to play more casual and finish “through time”.

This week, due to “a)” I know of two players I was in regular contact with on discord that quit the game entirely. And I have to admit it also crosses my mind if such behaviour and patterns continue to do the same. Not that this would mean anything, I’m aware that I’m nothing special.


Don’t worry it will get better if you wait long enough and say words really sternly.

true unfiltered feelings would never hurt anyone if there had never been any sugarcoating. :slight_smile:


It’s not like this is the first faction with a 5-room rush. I don’t care about the shortest way anyway since I clear all the rooms, at least during faction events, so I don’t miss any Valravens.

And nobody is forced to finish the faction on its first weekend. You can just use your daily delves to finish it slowly. Thanks to the hoard potion update, you don’t even need to wait for a faction event to do a pure faction at level 500.

So yeah, I really don’t see the problem here.


The problem maybe is you have several alts and you need to do all of them?


(sidewistles in Fang Moor, The Labyrinth, etc.)

I think it’s just a general criticism of long (5-room minimum) Delves. Getting the wrong room halfway through your Delve can kill the entire run at nearly any level:

  • Maybe Cedric pulled your squishy summoner out of last position just to watch the Bombots Burn it to death
  • Maybe those Double Lamias got super lucky to Charm the same troop repeatedly and now you’re down 2 deaths … on turn 3
  • Any other RNG based setback (Wraith’s Death Mark trait, Mimic’s Devour, Scylla’s Lethal Damage, oh and the entire Black Heart team)
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You have to see the bigger picture. Not everyone has the time to do a 3 day event, let alone a 1 day event if the shortest route is 5 fights. And pure faction runs at 500 can take a long time (harpies for example). 5 is too many rooms for most people to stomach; its a joyless experience in the extreme.


And you have to see the whole picture that factions were designed to be a long time project. Not one that has to be solved in a single day or three. :wink:

Ofc people will always try to speed up their progression on everything (thats why most players prefer fast teams to win over slow and maybe more consistent teams in most cases (don’t let’s argue about this part to much. everyone has it’s own playstyle))

Usually a faction needs at least a minimum of 16 days + 1 attempt of day 17 to complete if no gems were involved. You could use (and see!) the release weekend as a start up to get already some progress without spending too many days to max it out.

And with the new potion system delves got much easier in almost every case (except 2 or 3 maybe). Ofc you can also argue that it needs more time to level up your hoard to a certain point, but that is still all due to the fact that factions are not created to be done in one day. You can do it, but they are not designed for that.


I agree lol. But sometimes 1 or 3 days is the best option because troops are often awful (how often has anyone used all 4 troops?) and potions are the clincher unless you are prepared to invest in big horde numbers. My avg is 101 and 88k+ renown with 7 or more done outside events inc 2 this week which benefitted from gargoyle gems (dk court and Indrajit). My personal choice was not to boost hordes so the events were the only way i could progress. I chose this torture lol. I still think 5 rooms is too much particularly when its got only one path and no battle options are available. But I’ve got a long way to go on this beauty.

@CaptainAwesome is right. Anyway, who has zero respect if he is doing it to himself by having several accounts? :exploding_head:

Not sure how the design choices can be reversed back to me being my fault when I’m largely speaking for those who have already left the game.
But since you seem stuck on your assumptive theory.
I have alts. Yes. All were created 3-4 years ago. Since then I don’t have time to play on them. I wouldn’t dare to try and keep up with Factions on multiple accounts.
I’m just a human being with a normal life trying to keep up with the game I love. My opinion is based and that.
My bad for those who want the game to only be for those willing to invest at least 2 hours a day on it if I’m offended your hardcore play. The game is not sustainable on your shoulders alone.

It is clearer now. I got confused at first because I know you have several accounts and maintaining them needs more time, of course. I am not hardcore though, 1 account is more than enough.

all factions are different, with different numbers of rooms you must complete. its not that hard though if you have a good team to play with.

Also you dont have to use the faction team. You can use a faster looping team which is really easy to make on this one. I can get through all the fights in no time with Geomancer using Chalcedony. Even with multiple accounts that should be fast. Then use the faction team on the last one to get the delve bonus.

True, but what about we who still really need those Orbs of Chaos in the event rewards?

I think The Labyrinth may be the worst faction to speedrun – the boss unlock seems to be randomized, meaning that technically the shortest route is never more than 5 rooms but of the two routes through the map, you don’t know which one is shorter or longer. (My last run required 7 rooms total. Clearly I picked the wrong route, but SEVEN!)

You can get easily dozends of orbs after vaultevents when you get as much vkeys as possible.

About The Labyrinth it’s always the same:

Green: shortest path
Blue: longer path
Red: dead end

Edit note to:

The reward usually unlocks if you have made it up to 90-100 in tuesday delves. For weekend delves it’s something between 200 and 230 afair. In both cases you should go for all rooms and get as much score as possible. You can either go for the highest multiplier or if you want really the absolute maximum in all cases you can use my OO Calc sheet I’ve created:

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You are advocating strategies and playstyles that most players cannot accommodate. In doing so you are also playing devil’s advocate and devaluing this thread and the concerns of other players regarding ever increasing time commitment. Yes everything is optional and you can play as little or as much as you want/are able. But the fact remains that there is a blatant trend to tie players to the game for longer and longer time periods. Your argument regarding orbs in itself requires the player to play at unhealthy levels over a vault weekend. Some players only play weekends and will have other stuff to catch up on. Me, I opt for weekends without much gem activity. I have far more productive and enjoyable pursuits during my time off. And vault will never change that.


There are plenty of things you should consider before trying to combine letters and hope they will make sense.


You blame me for “legalizing” the companys actions by bombarding us with more and more “new” content which some/many players are not able do deal with in their given time?

This is one part how the gaming industry works these days. Either you develope a one hit wonder which doesn’t need any kind of future customization or your create something like GoW, Fortnite and whatever else falls in this category and have to keep feeding players with new stuff from time to time which mostly new players will never catch up unless they spend a big bunch of money or life time on it and this includes to bind players to their game.
Welcome in 2022 on earth!

I don’t appreciate this evolution neither, but it’s exactly what you have to deal with if you want to play those kind of games. Accept it or leave it!


It is your personal choice to not spend any gold on hoards, but don’t blame me or the company if it consumes too much of your time to get those factions maxed out or whatever stage you achieved.
Your statements are kinda contradictory imo, but people like to troll around and don’t think about what they are saying/doing anymore because nobody will jduge them on the internet.
Welcome in 2022 on earth! Again!


You blame me for showing @Stratelier a solution for his/her issue with not having much time to collect chaos orbs?

If you are able to do at least one Gnome-a-Palooza during a vault event, it will grant you almost the same amount of chaos orbs you could earn during the ~6 week gap between two vault events.
Such time-sucking events like delves or even world events could be dodged if people get aware of the fact how easy it is to obtain chaos orbs during a vault event. So by stop “wasting” time on delves or world events people could just show up for like 30 minutes per day of doing vault event to achieve multiple chaos orbs.

But people are greedy, proud, some kind of perfectionists or all of those things together and want to have everything immediately without effort.
And here we are. Earth 2022 bla bla bla

Sidenote: I know we could say every year of the last ~5000 but who cares…
I’m outta here

Have a nice day, night, life or whatever you prefer


A faction that requires 3 rooms to complete rewards a max of 2500 renown.
A faction that requires 5 rooms to complete rewards a max of 2500 renown.

The CHOICE to require more rooms is purely arbitrary. No time or thought is actually put into these choices. Meanwhile it takes players almost double the time to complete the factions on top of everything else daily that needs to be completed to keep up.
Yes it’s a choice for players. Gems of War is a game and therefore not a need.

But too many, in my opinion, are feeling they would rather not play Gems of War at all rather than continuously having to figure out what parts of the game to keep up with and which ones not to due to every quarterly update requiring more time to keep up.

If you have the time to play 500+ Gems of War matches over a three day spand then clearly my OP isn’t for you. It’s for the majority of the world who don’t have that kind of time to play a video game. Such as the devs… Who make the choices of 5 room delves. :person_shrugging:

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