You want to find the best player? Implement that

Many games propose the mode that I’m going to describe and more recently, Diablo 3 added it.

Pretty simple once by week, every player could do a battle with a already chosen invade team versus a same defense team (but different than the invade team). So every player will fight in the same conditions. The gem dropping from the sky could also be the same. Points could be the same than GW, even if a tweak would be nice.

The invade/defense team could be chosen here via polls or chosen randomly in the team slots of the players.

Almost nothing to do and it seems a nice competitive mode :slight_smile: .

EDIT: thanks to your comments, I resume below additional ideas:

  • to avoid any cheaters ruining this possible game mode, rewards will be given when one player attains a threshold (for example win in X turns, or summon Y troops) so on everyone will win something
  • keep the leaderboard only to show who do the best score (could be a cheater…)
  • unlimited number of tries
  • scoring could depend of different and exotic rules: number of Red gems created, summon X times, etc.
  • one interesting rule could be that you have only X moves to win and so on, you have to find the good combinaison of match/spell to win

Like this idea.

Could reward a single VIP key or something to the winner.


Im for any new modes. Limit to 1 try per pserson per week would be good.


Im for this idea… Now lets talk about what my rewards would be when i win…

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I do agree with the desire to create a “random-free” mode to enable a skill test of sorts, and I think the intentions are noble. Losses in GoW usually feel like “RNG says you die” instead of “crap, I should have played better” and a mode where this is definitively not the case would be great.

This may be verging into tinfoil hat territory here, but here goes anyway: One possible issue with the proposal is that, if the drop patterns are fixed-seed (in order to create a fair playing field), the system could be gamed by first playing the game with a dummy account and recording the drop colors in order, and then using that information to essentially guarantee sky drops (or avoid pitfalls). Essentially, the first players would be “penalized” for being the only ones actually subject to RNG. Once the drop squence for the week was known, it would be possible to create a simulator that would play through what-if scenarios so a player could essentially play as perfect a game as is calculable. The only way I see that this could be made fair would be for that drop sequence to be published ahead of time each week, instead of being discovered, but that suddenly sounds much less fun…

Like it or not, this game ain’t chess. It’s hard to completely strip away the native RNG and keep things working.


:flushed: Would someone do that for one key (my reward suggestion)?

Yes, you’re right some would…

Totally agree. You can also have one guildmember who can “sacrifice” his battle to record the drop sequence…
But honestly, it will be quite an hard work for a small advantage: even if you know the drop sequence, it will be difficult to use this information (aside a simulator as you said) and even with that it will provide you the perfect way to get mana which is only one part to win a battle.

One solution could be to display 1 to 3 additional rows (surely not enough place for 3 rows) so players can always see what gems are going to fall.
Or to remove the “same drop sequence”: my point was not to remove RNG but to reduce its effect. And I think this mode could be nice even if the board is not the same for each player.
Last solution is to give several tries to each player. 5 or 10 trials could be enough.

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A+ for effort,but it would end up being unfair to most who played it due the the aforementioned reasons

in such case i think id be fine with a

  • preset board + completely random gem falling (so it would be a competition of skill with a bit of luck)
  • @turintuor 's suggestion to display 1 to 3 additional rows
  • combination of the two

better then competition of simulator creation skill :slight_smile:

and id like to see this beign added to the game :+1:

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Okay new idea (still from Diablo 3 :stuck_out_tongue: ): rewards could be not given according to a leaderboard but according to a specific mission to accomplish (win in X moves, do X damage, etc.). So whoever achieves the mission get the reward.

Note that it will become close to the dungeon system (ie you have to do a mission against a specific defense team), aside that your invade team is not the same for all the players. So it could be “the weekly dungeon”, the only one where the invade team is the same for all players.

I want to outline that the main positive point of this idea is to make players test unused troops so they could find new affinity with these troops… or maybe new defense teams :stuck_out_tongue: .


isnt this like a console task system ?
i mean i wold prefer just add this kind od tasks to the console task system and maybe just tweak the tasks availability/amount per day

Maybe. I’m not sure about the console task system [CTS]…
But it’s already remind me that @Saltypatra organized a contst about the ones who summons the most knight in one battle. So yeah something like that.

I mean what we can see in this preview at the “The Dungeon System” part:

It seems that we will have to fight a Sheggra team and create more red gems. Things like that.

So maybe Dungeon will replace the CTS… I hope else we will have to do 3 Dungeon, 5 GW and the daily tasks for each day… A lot :wink: .

But what it’s lacking it’s the invade team of the week that every players should use to win the “Weekly Dungeon” :slight_smile: .
And also a leaderboard without rewards (to nullify any cheats) to see who did the best :wink:

dont you think then the dungeon would be not accessible to low and mid level players?

since we can see dungeon gives some new type of items that most probably are needed to craft, dont you think cutting off even mid-level players is too harsh?

i wonder if you are right,
but it does say “creates” not “create” so maybe that reffers to queen sheggra being stronger then normal sheggra
and it doesnt say how many exactly, does it mean we would fight the “Regular sheggra” and “queen sheggra” in one team and then have to create more gems then the regular … uhm :sweat_smile:

actually the extra requirements like cerating more gems then x sounds fun… maybe we could get them if not in dungeon then somewhere at least :grin:

What sort of loser would go to so much trouble for such pitiful win ?

I like the idea of “Daily Challenges”. That’s pretty popular in other games (specifically where you have to win in one turn). It seems like a better version of the Tasks system.

No, and I don’t see why. Dungeon should be the only place where you get the currency for Crafting and you would be able to get few of it by day. In short, it’s going to take ages before crafting a Mythic.
So if low and mid level players cannot play this mode, it would that they will have to wait to start Crafting…

Oh yeah you seem right… so it will be only a boss battle… so 3 Dungeon, 5 GW and the daily tasks for each day…

Yes it could be fun. Super fun, in fact. But it means also that what I propose could be added as a different mode :wink: .

Yeah I also like the Puzzle Challenge: you have X turns with X being the minimal number of turns to win the battle (Duelyst is great for that).
It could be one kind of mission :slight_smile: .

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Damn, I thought this was a nice idea - then Lyya went and ruined it lol.

Kinda sad we’re looking to D3 for things, seeing as I hate what they’ve been up to lately. Though that’s just me.

This is in no way “tin foil hat” turf. I made games as a contractor for a failing online pari-mutuel betting venture known as around 2000. The games used the pre-seeded RNG system. Friends often played in the same game pool intentionally to do this method of cheating.

I knew the company had zero hope… but they paid me (not well).

i know but if you put requirements like “Create more then x gems” on top of actual winning then even if they enter dungeon they still will not make the requirements, thats what i ment :stuck_out_tongue:

Why? Which requirements?