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Xbox Achievements guild recruiting

Xbox Achievements is a friendly guild for casual players with no minimum donation or skill requirements. As long as you are actively playing the game you are welcome!

Most of core members try to participate in every event, register for every guild wars, contribute gold to guild tasks, earn guild seals, reach tier 1 in PVP each week, and are helpful to new players and also just with discussing the game in general. Some of us play more than others, and not everyone plays every mode, but we all contribute something each week, no matter how small.

Our current stats:

Level 179
Ranking 369 with 54k trophies

Blue 80
Green 63
Red 68
Yellow 67
Purple 61
Brown 71

We are currently in the process of refreshing the guild by removing inactive members and recruiting active ones. If you love gems of war and would like to join a growing guild please leave your invite code below.