New achievement guild ACHIEVERS

Starting a fresh guild this week on Xbox One. Guild is public and named ACHIEVERS. Intended for regular players that want to 100% the achievements on this game, particularly TEAM SYNERGY.

Near the end of week 1 with 2 members we have added 346 Trophies and 90k in guardian task donations. Intended to be a guild for active, contributing players with an eye towards clearing achievements.

Still cranking. LEVEL 10, 3 members 1425 Trophies.

Still going strong. Still 3 members but level 15 and cracked top 5k this week.

Still recruiting. 1500 seals/60 trophies per week.

Are you still recruiting?

Sure thing. The guild name is ACHIEVERS and is open. If you have any trouble, let’s me know your invite code and I’ll send an invite your way.