[XB1] Top 20 GUILD: PhantomKiddz is recruiting!

PhantomKiddz is recruiting. We are a Top 20 guild on Xbox One. Competitive guild, looking for ACTIVE players to help contribute and generate a decent amount of Keys and Gems.
If you’re looking to build up your troop deck, come join us. :smile:

##What we offer:

● +240% Gold Bonus (Master III-- daily login at this guild rank provides you with 1700 GOLD/day)
● All statue mana masteries leveled between 70+ to 88+
● Promotions based on effort

Currently we are ranked #11 in the League and on track for 123,000+ Trophies.

##What are we looking for?

● Player level 200+
● Our focus is currently Purple/Red/ Blue guild statue tasks, which we always aim to complete each week to 100% for the Magic and Attack bonuses.
REQUIRED donations of:
.= 200,000 gold a week, so the guild can provide all members with those precious Keys and Gems!
.= 1000 Seals a week.

● To keep it fair for active players: members who neither login nor donate for multiple days will lose their spot, unless prior arrangements are made (for trips, vacations, work). Feel free to ask for a re-invite.
● Stay active… and have fun gemming!

28/30 members.

Please PM @Demonitus or gamertag “Demonitus” with your Invite code.
Note: in order to receive an Invite, you will first have to leave your current guild. You may wish to wait until we’re both online for this, or
Search the guild lists for PhantomKiddz to find and join our team.

Even when we’re full, POST HERE at any time if you’d like. We’ll be happy to consider you for the next opening that becomes available. :airplane:

P.S. With many thanks to Molochx for help in formatting the contents of this post :smiling_imp:

Welcome @Demonitus to the team
Glad to have you aboard.

@CyanideSkunk, Invite sent at your request. Welcome!

Will have space soon for two more. Refer to announcement above for details or PM me.

Kudos to everyone for the teamwork;


Excellent job… That’s 400 new trophies in 2 days.
Not a lot by a long shot, but it’s great to see the fruits of our labor. :dizzy:

PhantomKiddz remains a casual guild, so leaderboard advancement won’t always be a given but it’s a pleasure to see our progress so far.

As always:
For Invite requests, you can PM my XB1 gamertag in the announcement above. Cheers

Need a spot of help
Can someone check to see if my Guild is actually showing up as available for recruitment?

I have 28 members right now, but for some reason the game thinks my guild is full.

you have ghost members, happened to me 3 times. you need to contact customer support, they ll fix it.

From a former Marvel Quest guildmaster, I heard that the ghost member problem shows up when the player you kicked doesn’t join a new guild. He/she stays on your roll until finding a new home, which in this case was ‘never’.

Anyway the two invisible members showed up today with half a year of inactivity on their tabs. Kicked them out. Now have space and the correct roster member numbers. Woot!

PhantomKiddz now has space for 3 more members!

We have reached Rank #40 on the leaderboard, having gained just under 24,000 trophies and All Masteries leveled to 30.

For invite requests, PM my gamertag on the XB1 in the announcement above. You may also Search the guild lists for PhantomKiddz to find and join our team.

We are now a Top 40 guild! There is room for two more players.

Send Invite codes to uTeadrinker on XB One, or PM me if you feel the PhantomKiddz guild is the right place for you.

Welcome Frost to the guild!

Still space for one more member. Gaining rank #35 in League board.

what amount of resource you gain per week?

I just checked. I’m not sure what the top guilds are doing in terms of task cycling, but we are completing a sufficient number of tasks that I’m getting 3 to 5 resource deliveries in my mailbox per day.

Hi.Syndarin! I want to join your Guild! I have a level 130, I play very actively! 4 days filled 186 trophies! Nickname El_Clasic0. Please write to me, I or not to invite me. Invite code sent personally.

Hello, currently owner of a guild rank 310. I am level 241 and have 1,914 trophies to bring. My guild is practically dead weight. Looking for a more active guild! Thank you :slight_smile:

Welp, I was away on Thanksgiving retreat this past weekend and had no Internet access. Sorry… I wasn’t expecting to be out in the boondocks like that. Please PM Invite requests to gt “uTeadrinker” on XB1.

FYI since Niko asked and I’ve started keeping track, PhantomKiddz completed 45 reward payments in the last 2 days. 84% of those were keys and gems.

I am pleased with the level of accomplishment that our members are putting into the game with the latest PvP update on console. We are approaching League Rank 30. PhantomKiddz is no match for the 3 highest ranked guilds of course, but already that we are achieving a far better rate of return than some of the other Top 10 guilds :slight_smile:

Hey scott,
My apologies I am currently out of the country attending a wedding. One of our Sentinels would normally be in a position to send you an invite.

You are doing well in-game to have reached level 35 in four days- gratz! I do wish to point out however that our minimum level requirement is 70+. This helps insure that all members are in a position to contribute comfortably without feeling pressured. It has also been my general observation that beginners who join a high-level guild are often horrified when they suddenly start losing all their matches (due to the higher level mana masteries provided by the guild). I suggest therefore that you may find more success by joining a guild in the top 100 rather in the top 20. Good luck, and god bless!

I would like you join your guild.

Hello Rey,
Few quick questions for anyone looking to join:

Please message my GT:uTeadrinker with your player level, your number of Level 10 kingdoms completed, and your anticipated gold contribution level per week.

Reason I ask is that currently, even without my specifically requesting it, most members are now doing 50,000 to 200,000 gold a week. Given that they are investing a lot at this point, it wouldn’t be fair to them (or you) if I didn’t inquire about a new applicant’s plans for his/her guild involvement.

We are currently a Top 20 guild with many Thanks to our very active participants :slight_smile:

I am lv 304 and all are lv10

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PM sent to you, check your forum mailbox.

Two spaces available in PhantomKiddz.
We are Ranked #16 in the League and offer masteries leveled to 50.

For invite requests, PM “uTeadrinker” on the XB1 or drop a Message request through your xBox live account from your PC: