World Event Medals Notification

Since we have a World Event Notification saying that we don’t have a medal equipped, is there any way we can get a notification when we go into a battle outside of the World Event that we have a World Event medal equipped. Since they do nothing outside of the World Event.

It’s always a pain realizing that you have those equipped when you shouldn’t.


We could, it would take about 30 seconds of coding (as I’ve pointed out in the past), but it doesn’t seem to be high on the Dev’s priority list… :roll_eyes:

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Things that help us never are.

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Medals need to be tied with teams. That’s a bigger task with UI changes though. But, ultimately, medals will always be clumsy until then.

I know you’re joking, but it’s never a fast dev task. There’s user stories, QA, documentation, demos, code reviews, etc.

Also, something ridiculous always goes wrong when coding easy things. Always. I am pretty sure it’s some sort of law actually. Yep.


Somewhere in the code is already a line that reads

check event medal equipped [if=true] start battle
check event medal equipped [if=false] send notification

They only have to apply the check to all battles and flip the outcome around.

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That’s a different issue.

Literally all that’s needed for the subject under discussion is (in pseudo code):

IF Game_Type = Event AND Event Medal Owned AND (Event Medal NOT equipped)

THEN PRINT “We noticed you have an Event Medal but it’s not equipped. Would you like to equip it now?”


IF Game_Type is NOT Event AND Event Medal equipped

THEN PRINT “We noticed you have an Event Medal equipped, but you are not fighting an Event Battle. Would you like to change it now?”


Not difficult.


At least for other companies. We are talking about IP2 here, I’m getting serious doubts at least once each week that they’ve even heard about a single item on your list. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I suspect they might have to code that individually into each type of battle, like Arena, Casual PvP, Ranked PvP, Explore, Vault, Faction Quest, Kingdom Quest, Invasion, Boss Raid and Tower of Doom. I think they hinted a few times that game mode development gets heavily outsourced, meaning there won’t be anybody willing to touch that coding, even at gunpoint.


IF Game Type = Arena etc that doesn’t use medals



It’s really not rocket science programing if there’s the will to do it.

That’s the point, there’s no will to do it. Each game mode is possibly a separate module, written years ago by whichever contractor at that point asked for the least pay. They’d probably need several specialists in software archaeology to get extended medal handling added to each one of them.

Note that I don’t know their code. However, they never do even simple Quality of Life changes except within the first few weeks after a new game mode gets released. Any further modifications always have to wait until such a game mode gets rewritten from scratch, like Arena. I suspect it’s because at that point the contract has run out, so there’s nobody around any longer who could easily maintain it.

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Our brains tend to do tasks that we repeat more and more ‘automatically’.