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World Event Medal Prompt failure

Platform, device version and operating system:


Screenshot or image:

Please note the equipped Medals shown in the tooltip on the left at the start of the video, showing 12 bonus Magic – i.e. 3x Nysha.

Normal prompt, first time entering World Event menu in a play session:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

When starting a World Event battle without an Event Medal equipped, I had expected to be prompted to equip one, per the second image.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

I first noticed this happening towards the end of last week during last week’s World Event (“Witch’s Brew”?), and it seems to have continued on to this week (“Sailing North”).

This happens whenever you have already played a World Event battle in the current session, and then go to play another without any Event Medals equipped.

Steps to make it happen again

As above.

Additional Notes!

This is actually a welcome feature for anyone who chooses not to use the Medals designed for the week’s World Event. There was in fact a small feature request (and comments in a different thread) made along those lines at one point:


The "ACTUAL* issue that I encountered was playing some World Event battles, going to play a different mode (and changing my Medals accordingly), e.g. a Pet Rescue or PvP battle, and then returning to play some more World Event battles – but without having changed my Medals back again and not receiving a prompt to do so (thus doing much less damage than expected in the World Event without those Event Medals equipped).


The desired fix (in my opinion) would be to reset the prompt status each time the World Event menu is exited or re-entered, rather than after every battle as previously.

That being said, I also think having it after every battle is the lesser of two evils compared to entering a potentially difficult World Event battle without Event Medals equipped and potentially losing a Sigil and/or Valraven.

If this was an intended change from the recent update, I don’t believe it was mentioned in the patch notes:

That being said, I’d still like to commend the team for the detailed inclusion of many changes (even if they didn’t all work as planned), which is part of the reason I feel re-motivated to make a detailed and proper report here in kind, as I have more trust these kinds of issues will be documented and actioned accordingly/consistently and more transparently. Please keep it up!

Of course, the more popular/common request with regards to World Event Medal prompts is to have them occur outside of the World Event in other modes when those Event Medals are still unnecessarily equipped – but that’s a different topic.


Hey @Jonathan

I have brought this up with the Team!
How it is currently, is just as you described. There is the initial warning prompt and then if you leave and come back, there is no follow up warning.

Initially I believe there was numerous prompts, but this was removed as some players felt like it may of been a little spammy.

Also passed on the feedback that a prompt in regards to having Event medals equipped while in different game modes, would be beneficial for the players.

I have although moved this to feedback, as currently it is intended to prompt the first time you enter World Events

Jeto - Support Team Human :woman_mage:t2:


All the players wanted was a way to notify them that they were using an event medal in other areas of them game. i.e guild wars.