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Event medal warning - a way to disable it, please?

Weirdly, I haven’t found a thread for this yet - am I the only one annoyed by that?

When you have event medals and go into an event without having them equipped, you get a warning.
Every - single - time.

This is annoying, to say the least.
I just again made the mistake of cashing in the lower event rewards without looking at the event medal first (after buying the first tier for the enchantment). It’s a “more skull damage” medal again, which means I don’t use it.
So I have to click “no” for every single fight now.

I get the idea of a warning, but maybe after the tenth time I know what I’m doing? Good or bad, it’s my choice not to use an event medal, so don’t harrass me all the time.


Why wouldn’t you just use it though? I’m more bothered that I don’t get a warning when I have event medals equipped for non-event battles.


Hear hear!

As I wrote previously…


I don’t think it’s worth it - I’d rather use the Medal of All Seasons, which gives me +4 to Armor, Life, and Attack.
Unless I miscalculated, the bonus from the BADGE will get me less than my MEDAL.

I usually rely more on spell damage than skull damage as well.

I certainly agree with that as well. Bad design either way.

(Speaking of bad design, I’m not happy with the forum. The bolding is hardly worth the effort…)

A badge gives +40%. So unless your troops have only 10 attack you are better off with the badge.


The last event we had with skull medals but no skull troops, my husband was getting pretty annoyed at the warning. He wanted nysha medals, obviously.

I know the devs have said that associating medals to teams proved difficult from a UI standpoint on mobile, but perhaps that needs to be revisited. It would fix so many issues. Have a set of medals equipped to each team slot and each event. It fixes the event warning medal issue, it fixes the GW medal issue…


The issue is that medals are BAD.


Everything they touch turns to ash and everything else the devs do to them makes them worse.


I would mind if medals would be removed from the game. A useless aspect which I constantly have to manage.

If your guild reached reward 6-7 you can make a medal relatively cheap and 140% skull dmg easily outdo 3 medal of seasons.

Skull medals also increase the damage of exploding doomskulls. Use Ironhawk, for instance, and it will do a massive amount of skull damage without having to match any skulls.


Iron hawk is making troops drop like flies. It wouldn’t be doing that without the event medals.


So maybe a way around Event Medals would be to implement them like Delve/Boss traits instead – kind of like Potions! Although factoring in the guild rewards and increasing the boost rather than just adding another ~10% per token (so you don’t end up with a long list of % boosts you have to count) might prove difficult.

It’d be nice to disable alot of the fluff. I left the game a couple months ago to play other things. I’d still play my daily cardio if it wasn’t just annoying to click so many things to do my grinds, this included.

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