Withering Touch Bug


in the Italian version of Withering Touch it is said that the weapon does and steal 6 life.

I noticed that it deals and steals only 4 life, and if I am fighting in a kingdom with +1 magic (so 7 deal/steal), it remains 4.

I’m playing on Ipad.


Withering touch doesn’t steal life. Similarly to the Vampire troop, it actually deals true damage as well as gives life according to your magic. It also drains mana, but that’s just an extra.

When it says 6 Life, it means that’s how much you’ll gain, not inflict. The 4 True Damage is unaffected by magic.


Ok, thanks.

But in the italian translation the description says that it deals 6 damage and that you gain 6 life, so I think that the translation is wrong