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Wisp counters needed

So, apparently there are a number of players that have no problems beating Wisp teams

So Wisp-Wisp-Krystenax-Mab and Wisp-Wisp-Kraken-Mab causes no problems whatsoever for them


I’d love to hear about your strategies @eika @vangor @EmsDad15

'cause I will freely admit it: WIsp causes me serious problems. I can only beat those 2 teams I mentioned above 60-70% of the time, and I do need luck to do that. Please enlighten me on how to beat Wisp teams 90-95% of the time and I’ll happily join your chorus of players that don’t see any need to nerf Wisp !


It is not my problems that some of you wont accept other players experiences/opinions. Have fun!

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So you won’t share your strategies on beating Wisp easily every time? Would that be 'cause you just don’t have any?


So no counter-strategy except for “I win against Wisp all the time”?


I’m genuinely looking for strategies to better combat the increasing Wisp infestation that I see in PVP 'cause that infestation is really ruining my fun in GoW…

So far, I haven’t lost to Wisp 2x in PVP with the following team:

The Dragon Soul
(Desert Banner)

(That said, Wisp is obviously unbalanced for its mana cost and rarity. :stuck_out_tongue: )



Just in case you missed it @Darkness

There is many teams to use. Another good one is

Lion Banner

X can be soothsayer/Sylvanimora/Kraken whichever one you prefer.


Thanks all. I’ll try those options. :slight_smile:


Another one, which is focusing on eliminate the opponent team fast, mainly with skulls/high attack. Since Wisp is often in 1st and 2nd position this team is like knife in soft butter.

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Ok @Darkness you want my strategy? Here it goes…

Abyssal banner

When you are playing this team rush purple mana to fill TDS and enchant both shinys. Once you have multiple dragons full look for the color you can remove with shiny to give yourself an extra turn. Multiple casts from those 4 dragons in one turn will demolish anything including wisps

Hope this helps and causes you to stop calling me a troll

We are talking about that (@Saltypatra I summon you :slight_smile: ):

First screen just before the 1st Wisp cast (turn 2 or 3):
After the 2xwisp casts: yeah AI takes the 4-purple, Wisp full and cast again:
After this Wisp’s cast: yeah it takes the 4-blue, Krys’s full, Krys cast
After Krys’s cast: thanks to cascade the two Wisp are full again…
After the two Wisp’s cast: yeah I can play…


@Eika : I tried your annointed one team. It worked well, with the half mana for all troops due to traits, but it’s still just a race to fill up any troop before Wisp gets a quick 3 match of red or purple. I’ll keep using it against those Wisp teams to see how it does long term, but thanks for the suggestion! I felt more in control with this team against the Wisps than with any of the other teams I tried (for some reason Mab just doesn’t work well with freezing when I use her. She either always freezes Krystenax or Kraken or the Wisps lose the frozen after 1 or 2 turns)…


@Darkness did you try my suggestion?

Not yet. Running with @Eika’s suggestion first as that one has troops I’ve already used before. I felt that the familiarity with the troops (it always takes me a bit of time to figure out how to play a troop best) would give me a better chance at success. I’m going to go with @Eika’s suggestion for a while to see how it fares long term. But I’ll definately also try the other suggestions in this topic. :slight_smile:

Including mine?

Why wouldn’t I? If it gives me a better chance to beat Wisp then why wouldn’t I use it? I just tried @Eika’s first because of the familiarity with the troops.

Because you want me banned and i am sure it would burn you real good to have to admit i was right (which i doubt you would do anyway)

Thats why…

Maybe i am wrong but i dont think you expected me to actually tell you how i beat wisps

Why would I ask for suggestions to counter Wisp and then refuse to use them? Doesn’t that seem rather counterproductive to you?

I will admit that I am surprised that you actually posted the team that you use to beat Wisp, considering the rather antagonistic feelings you seem to have towards me (If I recall correctly you do consider me to be one of the bullies that is harassing you all the time about your opinions and you’ve specifically called me out on that in the past). So yes, your willingness to post a potentially helpful suggestion surprised me a lot. :slight_smile:

i have 2 counter that effective:

  1. “Retreat” button.
  2. Scout and ignore.

i prefer second choice.