Will the developers ever fix the guild recruitment?


Just an inquiry and review of my experience… @Sirrian @505GamesSupport @Nimhain …and to all players :smile:

There is an issue here, a pink elephant. No one seems to be able to recruit people, despite the volume of players seemingly in the game. I send invites to people I battle sometimes just to see if they are in guilds and half of them aren’t…

In any event, in addition to that, there is zero incentive for new guilds/players. I’ve been gaming for many years (since before games even had graphics on 1200 baud modems lol) and really seen that when this happens–consolidation of players to 50 guilds/clans or so–the game begins to die.

People lose interest fast, and only the core players remain. Also, all new players will immediately be disadvantaged and have little chance other than to join a top guild if there is a spot, or should they so desire. Those new players will be turned off by the game, and never even grow an interest for the game, thus obliterating the new fan base. Moreover, the disparity between top guided/leveled players will only increase more, inevitably to unmanageable levels, which is exactly what you see on the PC/Mobile version.

Simply, there needs to be a better guild recruitment system. We’re begging for it. Or some way to filter these unguilded players into guilds. Or some way to connect two lower level guilds that are half empty, so that they may have a chance. Something…

Listen, I understand people game for different reasons. I equate joining a top guild when you first play a game to using a Game Genie. It can be exhilarating because it’s awesome to have so much POWER so quickly!!! :heart_eyes: …but really, there are many gamers like myself that want to see ourselves grow stronger, to see yourself rank up, etc. And that will soon cease to exist on this game if the current trajectory is followed.

Of course you will invariably have guilds and people that are new and come into the game tearing it up, but the numbers will dwindle. Trust me. Keeping it playable for new players is the only way to make a game like this work.

Folks, the game–whether you like it or not–can only survive if people pay into the game. Eventually, developers will most likely not use money from other projects to support a fledgling game. So that means to keep up with demands to update the game, service it, run the servers, etc. they must have more and more players coming in and some of those will pay. We all accept this. The only other option would be to overlay advertisements…cough.

I propose that the only way to do this is to fix the guild recruitment and new player incentives/fun factor.

Comments? Questions? Concerns? Thoughts? I love your game, thanks to everyone as always!

Happy Holidays!


An in-game recruitment would be nice for this. What we have right now (If I recall it correctly) it’s just a list of 10 random guild for you to join, not even with a good description of it just a generic message that barely stand what your guild is looking for -Hardcore, casuals or whatever-
I can see why new comers don’t join guild as often as you say and it’s because they probably don’t really know the perks of being on it. Or maybe because they have send an application to one of the random guilds of the list and their leader is forever afk?


wow man. it is the first time i agree with You in 100 % :smile:
and better understand your sruggling in creating your own guild, even if making it strong seems futile :slight_smile:
truly speaking i ve never thought that mine guild will be as strong as it is now


I agree with most of what you say.
I find the most broken part of the guild is ease of communication, no in game messaging you have to advertise here to get invite code to get a new member…its nuts.

Why is just anyone allowed to make a guild? It floods the system, let them prove they are going to play, first guild I joined the owner stopped playing before I joined I never once got a message from anyone I just joined some random guild and played until I found this forum.

No in game messaging between guild members is a joke…I play in a guild of 21 and I only have two members on my friend list, one was smart enough and rank enough to put his ID in activities and the other recruited me on this forum.

Its completely under thought .

The rewards for being in a guild are ok…my daily bonus is 80% my guild is active so the tasks are completed quickly so all good…being in a lesser guild was infuriating…out of 4 myself and another guy was doing everything and the owner and another guy were doing nothing…it made me look for this forum (the xbox one part) alot of other players wont go that extra step.

It needs a overhaul, no doubt.


[quote=“ra2shadow, post:4, topic:2381, full:true”]
I find the most broken part of the guild is ease of communication…[/quote]
This is definitely a problem as well, for exactly the reason you mention.

[quote=“ra2shadow, post:4, topic:2381, full:true”]
Why is just anyone allowed to make a guild? It floods the system…[/quote]
Couldn’t agree more…

Exactly! I was just talking to my friend about this. We are in the guild together and talking here together IRL about this exact thing.

…you know, if you take the amount of top guilds, multiply the number of players, voila, you’re going to get an approximate number of core players that log in at least once a day. That number is probably less than 1000 on the Xbox, without a doubt. It’s just my funny math for kicks, but honestly there are probably equal as many new players at any given moment that log in at least once a day and could become core players, however, for the reasons I’ve reiterated several times above…I don’t think the game mechanics will ever allow for this.


Definitely a lot of newer players would become core if the mechanics of the guild was better, such a small step such as in game communication would start the ball rolling as I understand the rework of the guild system would be huge amounts of work.

I love my guild I really do but a guild that communicates between itself so it is able to give hints and tips to new members and give credit where its due would temp me to move, games are a social experience as well now a days.


I agree think they should show available players in a list you can invite to join, like most games of this style


That’s an interesting suggestion, what other games do that?

Nonetheless, it’s kind of nuts the way it is. A head scratcher, indeed. And when you come on here, if you’re a beginner guild, forget it. You’re going to have every top guild trolling and squelching your guild mate requests. I don’t blame them, necessarily. After all, it is a game and their objective is to keep their spots full and active. The problem is that it creates like I said before, a massive player drain, consequently perpetuating the already existing disparity in guilds/players.

You can’t stop higher guilds from usurping the only forum members, that’s inevitable, nor should you. I’m never a fan of punishing existing players, especially those who have dedicated many hours and potentially money, or both. But it is kinda ridiculous :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know what the solution is, hence the discussion…


We actually have quite an overhaul planned for Guilds (which should cover a lot of the stuff that’s been mentioned here), but not until 1.1.0 unfortunately. Hero improvement, friend-lists, and a better PvP system are higher on the priority list right now and all currently scheduled for 1.0.9

Friend List, Chat & Live PvP
1.09 - is there any hints or known knowledge on what will be new?

It is interesting that you mention both of these in one patch. Does this mean we will finally be able to challenge real people?

Friend List, Chat & Live PvP

The big game I can think of is “tyrant” which I play on my iPad. On there you see a random list of 20ish available players that are within the spec you search for, which you can then invite to your guild. Simplist answer I can think of if the player doesn’t want to join they ignore the request. But you get a new list each time to search/sign in


There is a way to type messages in a guild you go to activity page then go to bottom of screen where you can type a message to the page, trouble is if you have an active guild message gets pushed to the bottom quickly


Yes, that’s the plan!
Though like all plans, nothing is set in stone until we’ve implemented it.

We’re just being careful with the design that people don’t set up “farming teams” to power-level their friends (or themselves on alt accounts). But at the same time, we DO still want to give rewards for playing friends.

Sorry guys, I interpreted the question in a completely different way!
You can CHOOSE a friend to fight. but it will still be the AI controlling them

Friend List, Chat & Live PvP
Viewing other players' profiles

A complete rework of the system would potentially work, Im not able to invite my friends from live to the guild.
I need to ask them to play the game, look up the invite code, then invite…its a long way round.

Top ranking guild will always be able to cherry pick the most dedicated of players…those players like me want to be the best but to combat that why not stop showing the guild as one long list, having it sectioned off and a promotion system much like football (soccer for those not of Europe).
Having one long list that we cant even scroll correctly is just rubbish.

Being able to scout other guilds to see stats of players would be helpful to give you an idea of how you need to perform to stay competitive isnt a bad idea.
I kind of understand not using xbox live IDs as well but within your guild shouldn’t we be able to know?

COMMUNICATION is a must…even if its just PM between guild members only (to stop poaching) the message through the activities is rubbish…lower ranked in the guild cant even leave a message…its so bad its not even worth it.

A minimum rank to make a guild should also be in affect…joining random guild from the join page is just a farce, I did it, right in to an inactive guild I got up top 500 before I even seen no one was playing…I wasted over 600,000 gold and 700 trophys when I first started…its so very bad it has to go.

I most likely have a hundred more ideas but ive not gave it a lot of thought…only thought how it shouldnt be :frowning:


Could you maybe give rewards depending on how much each person invests in the team? Like a ranking system?


Thanks for the reply, cheers! :smile:


This is definitely already happening. I was just discussing this with my friend. I’m like, hm, level 9 with 4 legendaries and their mana surges were insane. It got me thinking. Ok, logically, if this was just from paying into the game–great! I think if your game is fun enough to make people want to pay, more power to you! …it’s a free game complainers. I digress–than you would no doubt have some great troops! However, this isn’t the case. This player has seemingly unlimited mana surges (evidence of being in a guild with very high level masteries) and that seems to me to be the damning evidence.

We figure it’s like this. People get their friends/alt accounts into a high level guild, and they let them sit there. They collect guild rewards (also furthering their guild stats) and some of these are, tada!–you guessed where I’m going with this already–keys!

So they just sit, indefinitely. Until they get all the appropriate troops. Perhaps many many copies of legendaries, etc. who knows. Who really cares I guess lol, not much that can be done, because they come in at level 1 with everything and they are able to breeze through all aspects of the game, mowing down every team from Khetar to Ghulvania! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good and bad aspects of this, if you consider this scenario from the aspect of a friend or an alt account, respectively. You know, if people want to pay XBL extra money to have an extra account, that is completely different in my opinion. They are another paying customer. Although, I can see how this could be an issue on the pc/mobile platform, where everything is free and accounts can get by 100% free.

Always interesting to hear the developers POV. Thanks for the insight as always.

EDIT: Something I forgot to mention, duh! Is that this person did not have any armor other than the stock outfits. More evidence they were most likely free to play. :stuck_out_tongue:


So no real time pvp planned but how about guild vs guild competition? Similiar to say rage of bahamut, clash of cans, marvel war of heroes etc…? As it seems now the state of the game there’s no incentive for me to keep playing other than general enjoyment but it will grow old grinding things out. Paying money doesn’t gain me anything unlike say rage of bahamut where I know when I quit the game I can turn around and sell my resources. I’m a vip 9 in under 2 months of play on the app and I’m pretty similar on the ps4 but I’m not really seeing any mention of real competition and it’s making me wonder if my money was wasted. While I love that you guys are more transparent I think it’d be great if you had a timeline that was updated and had plans for the future. It would save me time and possibly money if I know that you’re not going to do anything anytime soon to make a true hardcore player experience.


Recruitment is terrible in this game, if they really want a popular game the recruiting process needs to be fixed. I won’t continue to play this game by myself.


Cant see any of the top 10 guilds allowing that tbh.